Herniated disc: natural treatments

A herniated disc can cause intense pain and discomfort in the arms and legs, sometimes even in the thighs, buttocks or shoulders. Intervertebral disc disease makes it difficult to carry heavy loads and can be disabling in everyday life. In addition to medical treatment, the person who suffers from a herniated disc can use natural remedies. Focus on home treatments to heal faster from inflammation of a herniated disc.

What should be consumed to treat a herniated disc?


Turmeric is made up of curcumin. It is an antioxidant containing anti-inflammatory effects. Turmeric is therefore very effective in case of herniated disc. You can consume the spice in powder or tablet form.

dimethyl sulfoxide

This colorless liquid contains organic sulfur which helps relieve pain. DMSO is available in pharmacies. Before consuming it, be vigilant and get information from the pharmacy. Do not use dimethyl sulfoxide without medical advice if you are pregnant, diabetic or allergic to sulfur. The interaction of DMSO with other medications can also cause adverse effects. If you are taking anti-anxiety medication, muscle relaxants, or sleeping pills, seek advice from your GP.

Cayenne pepper

This natural ingredient is recommended to heal faster from inflammation of the hernia. Consume cayenne pepper tea three times a day or apply a paste of water and cayenne pepper.

Herniated disc, which plants to cure?

Several plants are recommended against herniated disc. Horsetail, for example, is rich in minerals. It is known to heal both fractures and ligament injuries. Infuse the plant and consume it more than four times a day.

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California poppy is also a good anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Apply a few fresh leaves to the painful area.

Comfrey also helps with healing. Macerate fresh and dried leaves for half a day in 1.5 liters of cold water. Once heated and strained, add them to the bath. They should reduce the pain of inflammation. Be careful, comfrey leaves should not be ingested under pain of liver damage.

White willow bark and St. John’s wort are also recommended for herniated discs. However, seek the advice of your doctor before using white willow.

Natural remedies for herniated disc

There are a few good things to do to significantly reduce pain.

hot and cold

Alternate hot and cold to reduce your inflammation. Apply ice packs for the first few days, then switch to a hot water bottle. The operation can be repeated every two to three hours.

Epsom salt baths

A gentle and effective home remedy. Add to your warm water bath between one and four cups of Epsom salt.

fatty acids

To reduce the pain of a herniated disc, consider Omega 3 as well as fatty acids. They reduce pain and help repair damaged discs.

Good health habits to adopt

Your body needs rest. However, before falling asleep, take a few precautions. Make sure you never stay in one position for too long. Also sleep on a flat surface (a very firm bed, therefore). Above all, never fall asleep on your stomach. This position is strongly canceled in case of inflammation of the herniated disc.

Rest but also walk. Walking remains important, but in small doses. Walk ten minutes every three hours. Never force, especially if you feel pain in your legs. Namely, never walk with soft-soled shoes or high heels. Choose air soles or use cushioning gel.

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Yoga movements can also be beneficial. Do some basic stretches while being careful not to make any wrong moves. Preferably, ask your doctor for advice. He will teach you yoga moves that are easy to replicate at home. In general, do not remain inactive for more than two hours. Move while being careful.

To put the odds on your side, apply all natural remedies. Deep massage, for example, is known to relieve pain. Get massaged by a professional to avoid mishandling. Acupuncture is also recommended. Ask an experienced practitioner.

Food level, drink plenty of water and consume fiber. On the other hand, avoid dairy products and meat as much as possible.

On the other hand, there are habits to avoid. Minimize your car trips. Limit yourself to short trips. If you really have to move, prefer public transport such as the train. Sport is also to be banned. No running or ball sports during your recovery.

In case of persistent pain, consult your doctor who will prescribe anti-inflammatories. If the symptoms do not disappear, surgery may be considered.

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