Milleis Bank: the complete guide

In 2018, it was still called Barclays France. After its takeover by the American AnaCap, it became Milleis Banque. This financial institution stands out from other organizations well known to the French. Indeed, it does not target just any private clientele. A top-of-the-range bank, Milleis Banque offers prestigious bank cards as well as products adapted to its customers. Discover the establishment’s complete offer in terms of savings and credit. And we also tell you everything about Milleis Bank rates. Before becoming a client, inform yourself!

Presentation of Banque Milleis

La Milleis Banque (formerly Barclays France until 2018) is a retail and asset management bank headquartered in Paris. This top-of-the-range establishment targets a clientele that is both affluent and internationally oriented. In 2017, the organization was acquired by the American investment fund AnaCap.

Milleis Banque’s ambition is to become an independent leader in the wealth management sector. Thus, it offers its customers deposit accounts, means of payment, savings products, financial investments, life insurance contracts, etc. In France, Milleis Banque distributes tax-free and regulated savings accounts (passbook A, LDD and youth booklet). And the bank also markets a passbook account. This is accessible to all with a ceiling of 5 million euros in payment. Finally, the bank promotes its online stock exchange offer via its securities account and its PEA.

In 2017, Banque Milleis claimed 100,000 clients, representing €9 billion in client assets under management. The 1,000 employees (including 300 wealth advisors) were distributed among the 70 branches present in France.

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How to open an account at Banque Milleis?

To open an account and become a client of Milleis Banque, you must make an appointment with a private advisor. This professional will receive you in one of the 70 agencies in the territory. To find the establishment closest to your home, use the online tool:

Banking services offered by Banque Milleis

The Milleisnet customer area

You can access your accounts and communicate with your private banker from your Milleisnet customer area. From your home or vacation spot, on a smartphone or digital tablet, you can:

  • manage your accounts on a daily basis (current account, securities account, credit, etc.);
  • make your transfers within or outside the SEPA zone;
  • register new beneficiaries immediately;
  • order your checkbooks;
  • print your bank details;
  • carry out your stock market transactions;
  • communicate by messaging with your private banker or organize a videoconference;
  • electronically sign your pending contracts…

Bank cards

The financial institution offers five different cards:

  • the Visa Infinite card: top-of-the-range services, concierge service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, optimal guarantees and insurance, access to Club Infinite;
  • the Visa Platinum card: top-of-the-range card with personal assistant that can be reached Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.;
  • Visa Premier card: bank card with extended insurance and assistance guarantees (in France and abroad);
  • MasterCard Gold card: card usable in France and abroad;
  • Visa Classic card: card allowing cash withdrawals and payments anywhere in France and around the world.

Find the details of each Milleis Banque bank card on the establishment’s website:

Means of payment insurance

The organization offers the ESSENTIEL offer. This means of payment and personal effects insurance protects you and your family against the fraudulent use of your means of payment (lost or stolen, from all banks) and against the theft of your personal effects (identity paper, vehicle key and residence, mobile phone).

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Other services

To save and invest

Milleis Banque has several savings and investment products:

  • delegated management: you entrust the management of your portfolio of financial instruments to experts. They then manage your assets according to your interests, objectives and investment profile;
  • real estate arrangements: your private banker studies all the possible options for you within the framework of a real estate investment project. He then offers you the appropriate solutions;
  • multi-support life insurance: several types of support and management options are available to enhance your savings;
  • savings books;
  • securities and PEA accounts;
  • the online stock market;
  • managed management: your Milleis Vie insurer takes care of the financial management of your capitalization or life insurance policy.

To borrow

The establishment offers home loans as well as consumer loans (car loan, work loan, personal loan).

Banque Milleis tariffs

In the ranking of the 127 least expensive banks in France, Milleis Banque is ranked 124th square.

Remote banking (Internet subscription) is a free service. With regard to account maintenance fees, they amount to 60 euros per year for a standard account and 30 euros per year for an inactive account. Note that minors and customers with at least 100,000 euros in assets benefit from free account maintenance. Finally, insurance for loss or theft of means of payment costs 26 euros per year.

You can view all the pricing applied by Milleis Banque on its website:

How to access the online account

To access your online space and consult your accounts remotely, simply click on “Client access”. The button is located at the top right of the home page. You can also access the page by following this link:

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Then type your subscriber number and your confidential code. If necessary, a hotline is available to you (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) at the following number: 01 73 08 57 30 (non-surcharged call, accessible from abroad).

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