How to evacuate intestinal gas naturally?

Do you suffer from bloating and flatulence? To combat these mild digestive problems, there are natural solutions. What should I do to stop having gas? Discover the foods to eat and those to avoid to eliminate farts. Forget discomfort and embarrassing situations in public with our health tips.

Natural remedies to evacuate gases

The artichoke

Its diuretic effect facilitates transit. Recognized for its many health benefits, it also helps prevent digestive disorders such as bloating or flatulence.


Thanks to its diuretic action, dandelion is used to relieve small digestive disorders such as bloating.


Used to stimulate the appetite, it also relieves stomach aches and helps digestion. To speed up gastric evacuation, take gentian.

Lemon balm

By using lemon balm, naturally regulate your minor digestive disorders such as bloating or gas.


Effective in relieving mild digestive disorders, sage also eliminates heartburn and bloating.

charcoal, grandma’s remedy

Used for a long time to evacuate gases, vegetable charcoal continues to find a place in medicine cabinets. This old remedy allows the adsorption of farts, hence its use to fight against flatulence and bloating.

Note that this product is also recommended in cases of diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

Charcoal comes in two possible forms. In granules, it is consumed in water. It can also be in the form of a capsule or capsule depending on the pharmacy.

Attention, a period of two hours must be respected between the taking of the charcoal and that of another drug. Indeed, the product will adsorb the other treatments and prevent their passage into the blood.

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What should you eat to avoid gas?

To avoid bloating, eat rather slowly, and taking care to split meals. Absolutely avoid large meals, which often cause gas.

On the other hand, certain foods and drinks are to be avoided in order to avoid flatulence. In general, ban foods that ferment in the stomach such as cabbage or starchy foods. Too many raw vegetables and fruits also promote the appearance of farts.

In the beverage department, avoid alcohol as well as soft drinks and sodas which cause bloating and untimely gas. Also forget the chewing gum, often the cause of flatulence.

In general, prefer a diet rich in protein and reduce your sugar and fat intake. This balanced diet will improve your transit.

If your intestinal gas problems persist, see your GP. He will determine the causes of your bloating and flatulence. Gluten or lactose intolerance, or celiac disease can cause intestinal ailments.

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