How to not be shy ?

In everyday life, are you more of a shy type? Your large reserve prevents you from living your life fully? Are you having difficulty making contacts? Has your shyness ever been a hindrance to your personal or professional life? She represents a real handicap on the sentimental level? To overcome your shyness and face the gaze of others, there are solutions. Follow our advice to gain self-confidence and no longer be erased. Be an actor in your life with simple tips. Instructions for not being afraid of others!

How to gain self-confidence?

Lack of self-confidence very often explains shyness. Quiet people usually suffer from an inferiority complex. They are afraid to speak up for fear of saying uninteresting things. Shy people also fear mockery. In order to chase away negative thoughts, it is important to fight your fears.

The best remedy for shyness is to reach out to others and learn to live with them! Do not isolate yourself by cutting yourself off from all community life. Remember that having a social life remains essential for its development. Immerse yourself in a crowd by going to lively places (concerts, parties, etc.).

At work, force yourself to speak up. Start by actively listening with a few colleagues, then chat by slipping a few words about yourself. Gradually expand your audience near the coffee machine. By choosing an informal place, you will be more relaxed to talk about things and others.
Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on a hot topic. Your opinion is worth as much as that of your colleagues! In the same way, when someone asks you for a favor, dare to say “no”! Show personality by not accepting anything and everything.

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See the good side of life

Are you afraid of being judged by others and being made fun of? Work on yourself to play down certain situations and make fun of them.
People make fun of you, laugh about it and when the time is right, don’t hesitate to laugh (nicely!) at others. kidding!

On the other hand, a positive attitude will allow you to weave bonds of friendship. Having friends will help you gain confidence. Find someone you trust who will listen to you and accompany you on outings. Preferably, befriend someone who doesn’t suffer from shyness. On the contrary, an open person will help you reach out to others.

And to find a friend, what better than to smile? Wipe any sadness from your face, and smile reassuringly. In this way, people will spontaneously come to you.

Shy, how to approach others?

There are certain tricks to confronting others while being very reserved. Don’t be passive, act! Willingly put yourself in “danger”. When you complete certain missions with flying colors, remember to reward yourself with compliments.

To meet people, join sports clubs or associations. Don’t wait for others to pick you up, take the initiative! To simplify your approach, choose cultural or sporting activities that really interest you. It will be easier to break the ice with someone who shares the same interest as you.

On the other hand, taking the first steps on the Internet can be reassuring. Register on friendly dating sites such as OnVaSortir to go on cultural outings with a group of people.

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Gradually learn to take on some responsibility. Create events near you to meet people. In the association, become treasurer. Get yourself elected as a staff representative in your company.

Manage your emotions

Shyness can also cause some discomfort from a physiological point of view (redness, trembling, tachycardia, etc.). To face your great reserve and reach out to others without fear of mishaps, manage your emotions as well as possible!

Control your breathing by learning belly breathing. Inhale as you expand your belly, then release as you draw your abdomen in.

In general, to externalize your limiting thoughts, sport remains a good ally. Practicing a regular sporting activity will help you manage your emotions and control your breathing.

Fighting your shyness requires a certain investment and perseverance. In everyday life, force yourself to be sociable. Take it one step at a time by reaching out to others and having a positive attitude.

If your reserve really handicaps you, seek professional help through therapy. A psychologist will help you overcome your pathological shyness. Don’t be alone!

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