Natural Intestinal Worm Treatments

Frequent in children, intestinal worms, also called pinworms, cause itching in the anus. These parasitic worms present in the intestine cause many symptoms. Fortunately, there are effective antiparasitic treatments to get rid of them. But without using medicated dewormers, it is also possible to get rid of it. Discover all the natural solutions and grandmother’s remedies to no longer have to suffer from intestinal worms. Also follow our advice to avoid recurrences of pinworms.

Intestinal worms : What is that ?

Intestinal worms, also called pinworms, are the cause of an intestinal parasitic infection. This is manifested by pruritus ani. Generally, pinworms are seen in children and their families. In addition, intestinal worms are common in France.

Be aware that adult parasites live in the intestine. And each female lays about 10,000 eggs towards the anus. These are eliminated in the stool and resist up to two weeks in the open air, in sheets, underwear, etc.

The causes

The worm responsible for the infection is called enterobius vermicularis. It contaminates humans through food. The ingested eggs then release larvae in the stomach. Then, these larvae migrate to the intestine and in turn become adult parasites within a month.

Generally, within the same family, there are several people contaminated by pinworms. This is partly explained by the carrying of soiled fingers to the mouth. And the risk of self-infestation when scratching the anus should not be ruled out either.


These first signs are not misleading and are indicative of pinworms:

  • itching in the anus. Most often, they occur in the evening and at night. This is the most characteristic symptom of contamination;
  • abdominal pain and possibly diarrhoea;
  • irritability, insomnia, nightmares.

Other symptoms may also appear:

  • nail biting in children;
  • convulsions in young children;
  • infection of the vulva and vagina in the girl, accompanied by difficulty in urinating and incontinence;
  • vaginal discharge in women, vaginitis or salpingitis (inflammation of the fallopian tubes);
  • substantial weight loss;
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During a general medical consultation, your GP will also notice eczema lesions in the anus. It is related to scratching. Finally, in the event of contamination by intestinal worms, you may also observe small mobile white worms in the stools and underwear.

Natural treatments for intestinal worms

If you suffer from oxyuriasis, it is advisable to have recourse to an adapted parasitic treatment. Your family circle will also have to deworm as a precaution. But beyond medication, know that there are other solutions to prevent the risk of contamination and get rid of intestinal parasites.

Wash clothes with care

Intestinal worms survive fifteen days in the open air. It is therefore imperative to clean sheets, blankets, clothes and underwear, towels at a temperature above 60°. Wash all the laundry in the house, not just that of the affected person.

Also clean the floors of the rooms. And if necessary, also wash children’s toys to avoid the risk of contamination.

Wear closed pajamas

It may seem obvious, and yet nighttime scratching is one of the first causes of the spread of intestinal worms. To avoid scratching your anus at night, wear closed pajamas instead. The challenge is not to let your fingers come into contact with pruritus ani.

Good hand hygiene

This is part of the preventive measures to adopt to avoid pinworms. Wash your hands thoroughly after each trip to the bathroom and before eating. Brush your nails carefully. And when it comes to children’s fingers, cut nails short to prevent the risk of self-infestation.


This natural way helps to overcome intestinal worms. Every evening, during a course of one or two months, take three granules of Cina 9 CH.

Celery leaves

Make an infusion with celery leaves. Filter and then drink three cups a day after each meal, for several days. Always respect an interval of two to three weeks between each cure with celery.

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On the phytotherapy side, there are also good results in the fight against intestinal worms. Use turmeric, fenugreek, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, thyme…

These natural remedies can be consumed alone or in combination. In particular, there is a supplement that brings together all the healing plants. This natural treatment is called Oxoplex, and it is also available in a version for children.

Boswellia serrata plant

His name surely means nothing to you. And yet, this plant represents a good natural ally against intestinal worms. In combination with an anti-parasite treatment, take a food supplement based on Boswellia serrata. This remedy participates in the restoration of the intestinal mucosa. Take 1 or 1.5 g of extract daily for a minimum of six weeks.


On the HE side, trust Roman chamomile to get rid of pinworms. In a bottle, mix 40 drops with HE of tea tree and thyme with linalool (30 drops of each) and two teaspoons of edible vegetable oil.

For ten days, ingest this natural remedy three times a day, before meals. And to improve the taste, add a little honey or sugar as needed.

Finally, for optimal results, apply at the same time eight drops of Roman chamomile EO on the lower abdomen, for ten days, twice a day.

To note : this synergy is also suitable for children from the age of three. On the other hand, it is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as in people suffering from epilepsy. If in doubt, ask your doctor for advice.

Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt is one of the probiotics to include in your diet. It participates in the stimulation of healthy bacteria in the digestive system. The intestinal worms then have a less favorable environment for their propagation.


To eliminate pinworms, also consider garlic. This food is an excellent grandmother’s remedy to no longer have to suffer from intestinal worms. Add it to your culinary preparations or consume it in the form of a food supplement (capsules) several times a day for a few weeks. Before stopping this natural treatment, wait until the symptoms disappear.

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Avoid sugar

Intestinal worms love sugar. It is therefore advisable to reduce its consumption.

Grapefruit seeds

Finally, to treat pinworm effectively, use grapefruit seed extract. All specialty stores have them.

This natural product acts as a powerful vermifuge. In tablet form, take three a day. And in liquid form, swallow 10 drops diluted in a glass of water, three times a day.

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