How to gain weight quickly?

Do you consider that your weight is too low and would like to gain a few pounds quickly? There are tips for gaining weight quickly and gaining volume. Don’t be skinny anymore, gain some curves by following our advice. What should you do to gain weight very quickly? Discover the foods to favor in order to fill you up. Tobacco, alcohol, sleep, addiction… We tell you everything about the good habits to adopt and those to avoid absolutely to gain weight.

Grow quickly: our practical advice

List of calorie foods

Some foods are recommended for gaining weight because of their high caloric intake. Charcuterie and meat (preferably red) must be on the menu. If you do not eat meat, bet on fish or eggs.

Cheese is also known to be fattening, as are peanut butter and whole milk.

As for fruits and vegetables, eat bananas, avocado and all dried fruits such as walnuts, hazelnuts, grapes or almonds.

Starches are also to be added to your shopping list. Think of pasta, rice, but also bread.

On the other hand, absolutely proscribe appetite suppressants such as apples from your diet. Also avoid raw vegetables in general as well as green salad which absolutely do not make you fat.

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Adopt new eating habits

Gaining weight isn’t just about food. Also review your eating habits. Get into the habit of enriching your dishes by adding caloric foodstuffs. Enrich your preparations (soups, purées, yogurts, etc.) with grated Gruyère cheese, melted cheese, fresh cream or powdered milk. Be creative!
On the other hand, sauce your dishes. Add sauce to your vegetables and other foods to gain weight faster.

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If you have a bird’s appetite, catch up on the number of meals per day. Think about snacks (morning, afternoon and evening possibly). Snack! Preferably eat cheese on bread or whole milk with cookies. Nothing like gaining weight quickly!

Want to grow at all costs, What you should not do

Do you absolutely want to gain weight, and quickly? Before rushing headlong, be vigilant so as not to put your health at risk.
Absolutely avoid the cake, candy and pastry departments. Admittedly, sugar makes you fat, but it is also very bad from a health point of view. Do not rush on sweets and other sweets. On the contrary, always remember to balance your meals so as not to cause health problems (diabetes, for example). It is important to gain weight intelligently and sustainably. In the same way, avoid fast food!

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

To gain weight, you don’t just have to eat a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle is also essential. Avoid all stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, tea or soda.

Put aside the gaps and favor sports activities. Prioritize indoor sports. Bodybuilding will allow you to avoid fat in favor of muscle. If you’re not into sports, practice walking regularly to stimulate your appetite. On the other hand, leave aside certain sports activities that make you lose weight such as cycling, swimming or running.

Sleep is also very important for reducing stress, a weight loss factor. Try to sleep at least eight hours a night.

Finally, socialize as much as possible to put the odds on your side. Talk about it around you and get help from those around you. A convivial meal with friends or at a restaurant will make you want to eat more than usual.
In general, pay attention to the presentation of your dishes in order to whet your appetite. Cook what you like. In a word, have fun!

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To help you in your approach, consult a nutritionist or dietitian. The professional will accompany you in your weight gain.

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