Insuring a musical instrument

For musicians, a musical instrument is unique and precious. It is often an object with great sentimental value and considered irreplaceable. However, with trips to concerts, rehearsals, the risk of theft, it can be useful to take out musical instrument insurance.

Expensive instruments

Amateur or professional musicians know that musical instruments and accessories are expensive. Whether it’s a guitar, drums, violin, piano or even a mixer, all this represents a significant cost. Often, music schools and instrument stores require a certificate of insurance to accept the rental of an instrument. The rental is also less expensive than a purchase for an apprentice musician who can benefit from a quality instrument. Insurance is therefore intended for both amateurs and professionals, luthiers, collectors or even conservatories and music schools. They can cover all types of instruments, whether wind, string or electric. A sound system, microphones or any other accessories can also be provided. Only condition, they must have been manufactured by a professional.

home insurance

Depending on the insurer and the type of contract, an instrument can be considered a piece of leisure equipment or a valuable object, and it will therefore be possible to settle for home insurance. However, this categorization depends on the terms of the insurance contract and of course the value of the instrument. If the musical instrument is insurable with home insurance, it will be covered against water damage, theft, fire, as long as it is in the home. It is therefore useful to re-read your insurance contract or contact your insurer for the necessary information. In case of travel with his instrument, this insurance will not be enough, and it will be necessary to take out specific insurance.

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Specific “musical instruments” insurance

For an amateur or professional who has to travel with his equipment, it will be imperative to turn to specific insurance to cover his instruments during rehearsals and concerts. The main guarantees offered by the specific musical instrument insurance will be burglary or theft in public or private transport, accidental falls or breakage, loss, vandalism, or even fire, water damage, natural disasters, attacks. In the event of a claim, the insurer will offer to cover the rental costs of a replacement instrument, the repair costs (if a repair is possible), or the reimbursement of the instrument at its new value. Often, instrument equipment is also insurable.

Car “personal effects” insurance

If your instrument is in your car and you suffer a burglary, the « personal effects » guarantee is likely to cover the loss. It is necessary to inquire with your insurer; because not all objects in the passenger compartment are necessarily covered.

Finally, for more specific cases (very high value instrument, numerous instruments), it will be necessary to contact an insurer in order to establish a personalized quote.

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