How to grow hair: 10 tips for faster hair growth

Generally, hair grows one centimeter per month. However, for the growth to take place, the hair must be healthy and not have split ends. Without going through the extension box, discover all our natural tips to grow your hair faster. Focus on grandmother’s good gestures and recipes to take care of her hair and stimulate its growth.

Cut them regularly

It seems paradoxical, and yet… It is by cutting your hair regularly that you will be able to make it grow faster. Indeed, it avoids having damaged and split hair. In the case of split ends, the hair may break.

Ask your hairdresser to trim about 3mm every two to three months. This will prevent split ends before they form.

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Do not wash your hair too often

Some women wash their hair every time they take a shower. This is not a good beauty gesture. If you want to grow them faster, space out washing your hair.

On the other hand, do not skip the step of the conditioner after washing your hair. The product will participate in a good growth of your hair.

Apply a natural oil

It is important to moisturize your hair using masks or natural oils. The products are applied like conditioners.

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On the other hand, you can make your own beauty care thanks to a very simple recipe. Mix unrefined coconut oil (1 cup) with a tablespoon of almond, another of macadamia nuts and a last of jojoba.

Always apply the product to damp hair for about 10 minutes. Then wash your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner.

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Gently brush your hair

The brushing step is very important in the growth of your hair. Indeed, frequent brushing can weaken your hair.

Preferably use a boar-bristle hairbrush. There are models that release natural oils on your scalp. It will make your hair both soft and shiny.

And when brushing, always start at the tips before working up. By adopting this beauty routine, you will break your hair less.

A silk or satin pillow

The choice of pillow is also very important when you want to grow your hair and have beautiful hair.

It is recommended not to use a cotton pillow, but rather silk or satin. Their softer surface will prevent the friction of the hair, and therefore the formation of knots.

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Do not wrap your hair in a towel

When you get out of the shower, avoid wrapping your hair in a turban in a bath towel, even a soft one. This gesture indeed causes breakage because the hair is trapped in the fibers of the fabric.

If you want to wrap your hair, opt instead for very thin and flexible microfiber towels.

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make ponytails

What hairstyle to adopt when you want to grow your hair quickly? The ponytail seems ideal because it helps to keep all the fibers of the hair. They can then continue to grow without breaking.

Mask made with eggs and olive oil

This grandmother’s recipe is effective for faster hair growth. This is a mask made from eggs and olive oil. Simply distribute the mixture over the ends and lengths, avoiding the scalp so as not to grease the hair.

The mask is to be applied once or twice a week, leaving it to rest for 3 to 4 hours each time. And always rinse twice to eliminate everything.

coconut milk

Coconut milk has many properties. In addition to accelerating hair growth, it hydrates, nourishes and thickens the hair.

Use milk containing at least 90% coconut. You can easily find it in supermarkets, in the « world products » section.

Apply all over your hair, including the scalp. Then rub well and leave for several hours.

The gesture can be repeated up to three times a week.

A scalp scrub

What exactly does this consist of? In fact, the exfoliation of the scalp is based on a five-minute massage on a moistened skull.

For this, use coarse salt and strawberry seeds or coffee grounds with a little oil.

This natural recipe is ideal for eliminating impurities such as dead cells or dandruff, and getting rid of excess sebum. And it also helps activate the microcirculation in the skull, which stimulates hair growth.

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