How to limit stress for the arrival of baby

In this article, we reveal some tips for reducing stress before the baby arrives. The months preceding the birth will no doubt be a great source of stress for mum, but also of happiness… Communication, sharing and relaxation: quite a program!

The arrival of a baby is a real joy, but it’s also a leap into the unknown and a new experience that raises many questions…without answers: am I ready? Will I know how to handle the situation? How to lead my professional life with my baby? When will he sleep? Consequences of these questions that run through your head: you are stressed and do not take full advantage of the future arrival of baby. How do you go about taking the pressure off a bit?

Speak, communicate, act: do not let yourself be overwhelmed by anxiety

You know it intuitively, but you may have forgotten it: Many women have had pregnancies before you! Perhaps you don’t want to talk about it with your mother, for fear of the irritating advice and judgments of the type « Don’t look at your navel too much, today with the epiduralit’s easy!” You would be more stressed afterwards than before.

You may be in a relationship, but very often men are a little outside your feelings, quite intimate, because they only really see the baby exist during birth. this is not your case because life together with baby is already there for you. Do not blame your spouse: there is nothing you can do about it. His words may be clumsy, off the mark or downright irrelevant, and it may irritate you even more.

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Friends or of course your gynecologist can guide you and answer your questions throughout pregnancy, share their experience with you, or help you find answers. Sometimes it will be enough for them to reassure you with the right words, those that can only come from those who have been there, or whose job it is. There are also many books and articles available on the site. mybabyblog for your information. So you are not alone!

During pregnancy : above all, clear your mind

Where does this stress come from?

It is multifactorial. The stress sometimes comes from the fact that a lot of preparations have to be made, a lot of thinking to be done: bedroom layout, glass or plastic baby bottle, potties or cooking yourself, breastfeeding (and if I don’t have a milk?), nanny or crèche? So many questions that one gets lost in conjectures and options.

Did you say « relativize »?

Yes, the arrival of a baby means a lot of things to deal with: But above all, it’s the arrival of a new being full of life in the family, and you have a lot of love to give. Try to put things into perspective (I know, this term annoys a lot). that doesn’t mean you have to play dumb. it means that you have resources, that you can ask for help with these questions (including the spouse who can still take care of things!). All mothers find their way, find solutions and spend wonderful moments with their baby: it is rather these moments that they will remember, rather than stressed evenings on administrative or material problems: this is the proof that must be relativized!

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get out, get informed and have fun

Go out, see your friends, have fun, think more about the joy of the baby coming, than about the constraints that will come with him. Your friends will always be of good advice, because they know you well. They know what is important to you, they will be able to detect your concerns, and adapt the attitude that will do you good. If you have questions related to childbirth that worry you, open up to your obstetrician who can accompany you and reassure you. You will gain peace of mind if the labor phase is clear to you and you know what to expect. Childbirth preparations do a lot for this. So have fun and stay zen!

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