Landscaper: how to choose the right one?

If you want to create, structure or maintain your exterior, you must call on the services of a landscaper. It is far from being a trivial choice because your exterior reflects your personality as much as your tastes and will partly determine the value of your home.

But how do you choose a landscaper from the vast choice of companies that you will find on the Internet? Several criteria must be taken into account to direct you to a competent craftsman in order to open your windows on the garden of your dreams in the morning. helps you here to make this choice according to several essential criteria

The nature and extent of the work envisaged

Before choosing a landscaper, largely conditioned by the nature of the work to be carried out, precisely determine your objectives by listing the various works that you plan to have carried out, whether it is masonry, lawn, plantations, restructuring or creation. This will allow you to list the craftsmen likely to meet your expectations. Indeed, arranging an entire garden does not require the same skills and human resources as pruning one or two trees and a complete creation of a garden requires the intervention of a large company and specialized equipment, which is not the case. for light outdoor work. Also, establish your specifications before contacting the right company for your project.

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The good reputation of the professional

First of all, gather as much information as possible from people who have used the services of a landscaper, and do not hesitate to ask for references from the owners of gardens and landscaping that you like when you see them. On the other hand, occasionally spot the signs above the walls that enclose gardens and outdoor facilities: a company logo often indicates who made them.

Moreover, Internet is of course a great way to find the professional near you and able to make your project a success. Indeed, you will be able to consult the sites of the craftsmen, the social networks and the opinions of Internet users about the different companies that exist as well as photos of their achievements. You can also visit their show gardens if they have them in order to view the results offered by each and get a clear idea of ​​their skills and style. If the landscaper often works near you and receives favorable opinions and positive reviews, these are signs of a certain notoriety that will reassure you about the seriousness and quality of the company. Finally, make sure you know if the selected companies have already carried out work like the ones you want to undertake.

Insurances and warranties offered

In particular, if you request the services of a landscape architect, he will have to carry out construction work (wall, terrace, chalet, etc.) for which he is liable. Also, check that he adheres to a ten-year insurance and works in the compliance with legal standards. Finally, prefer a company with a label, which offers its customers the highest quality of service as well as guarantees in terms of respect for the environment.

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Expertise and specialization

Orient yourself towards the services of a landscaper specializing in the design of gardens and avoid too versatile professionals, displaying several hats. Prefer a craftsman whose expertise will allow you to benefit from the best ideas and solutions adapted to your expectations.


If you have planned a garden creation, it is an art that requires serious design skills. A good landscape architect must not only remain at your disposal to satisfy your wishes, but it is also essential that he can advise you and make proposals rooted in current events and trends in his profession. Finally, the craftsman must be able to offer concrete examples as well as a visual of your future layout.

The cost of the intervention

The price of your future work is an important selection criterion. To get a competitive price, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes to compare the different offers of landscapers and find the most suitable for your project.

On the other hand, do not just look at the last line of the quote (final price) but read it carefully in its entirety. It must be detailed in order to allow you to accurately determine the value for money of the service offered, taking into account the materials used and the work envisaged.

The feeling with the craftsman

Even if it is an irrational and very personal criterion, the feeling of immediate trust and affinity that can guide you towards one craftsman rather than another is an element that must count in the choice of a landscaper. . Also, be attentive to this intuition and this positive current because they are generally a good omen for the good realization of the projected works.

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Among the essential selection criteria that have just been proposed to you, it is now up to you to carefully choose the best landscaper in order to have your landscaping work carried out and to obtain a result that meets your expectations.

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