How to make a fabric mask?

The world is in a terrible stalemate. The great powers are on the ground, hospitals are full of people who have contracted a virus that devastates everything in its path. This is the coronavirus, a virus that spreads very quickly. It is easily transmitted from one affected person to another. You must then be very careful not to contract it. The World Health Organization has decreed methods and means to allow healthy people to protect themselves from infected people. Among these means, we have the wearing of masks. You don’t necessarily have to go to a pharmacy to get a mask, you can do it yourself.

The form of fabric mask to adopt

Before you start making a fabric mask, you should already have an idea of ​​the shape to adopt. For this purpose, there are several forms of fabric mask. Some forms have been mainly recommended by the WHO, because they can actually protect you from the germs of the virus. These include duckbill or tri-fold shapes. Masks which are made of a single layer of fabric with a vertical seam from the nose to the mouth are prohibited. These masks cannot protect you, as droplets containing virus particles can quickly pass through.

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The preferred materials

It is important that the materials used in the making of your fabric masks are of quality, effective, and can really protect you. Indeed, your mask will have to be made with a fabric of a flexible nature. The fabric of flexible nature guarantees you a good seal and will marry the appearance of your face.

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When making your mask with a soft fabric, be sure of its effectiveness since you shouldn’t have trouble breathing and when you exhale the risk of inhaling what you have released again should be avoided.

The list of different suitable fabrics is available on the Internet and particularly on the WHO website. You can take a tour and buy the fabric that suits you according to your budget.

Making the duckbill-shaped fabric mask

Once the fabric has been chosen, you can move on to making it. After folding the fabric in three, sew a seam all around the accessory, one centimeter from the edge. Then you need to sew the hems at the bottom and top. Fold the fabric in half and sew it again on each side. After that, the fabric must be turned over so that the seam is hidden from the inside. You have to fold it inwards, hook the flanges all fixed by a seam.

Making the fold-shaped fabric mask

The three-fold shape follows the same principle as the duckbill shape up to the level where the fold is to be formed. In addition, after having formed the fold, you must place the brackets according to the markings without forgetting to leave slightly protruding a centimeter towards the interior. Finally, the flanges and the pleats must be maintained by a seam which will be made from top to bottom. You should know that the cloth mask is not the only way to avoid contamination.

Indeed, some establishments do not allow their employees to wear masks to come to work. It will therefore not be useful for you to use your mask on the service even if you are making it. To ensure the protection of their employees, establishments order hygiaphones online which are relatively inexpensive.

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