Premenopause: natural treatments

Premenopause is a transitional period that lasts a few years before the onset of menopause. Rather difficult to apprehend for many women, it is accompanied by sometimes embarrassing symptoms. Despite everything, there are natural remedies to better live this period of life. Discover alternative solutions to reduce the signs (breast pain, heavy menstruation, fatigue, hot flashes, etc.).

What is premenopause?

Premonopause refers to the transitional period that takes place two to five years before menopause. Generally, it starts around the age of 45, but it can start earlier or later.

In addition, premenopause is manifested by a disruption of the functioning of the ovaries. The ovaries then produce the hormones in an anarchic way. This therefore has an impact on menstrual cycles.


During premenopause, women have lengthened or shortened menstrual cycles. The breasts and uterus will express these hormonal imbalances. Thus, you can notice the following signs: tense and painful breasts, abdominal bloating, swelling of the body in the legs and face… As for the periods, they can be more abundant which can cause fatigue and anemia. Polyps, fibroids or « lumps » in the breast may also appear. These are benign disorders but which nevertheless require a gynecological consultation.

Conversely, if the ovaries no longer produce enough estrogen, the signs are different: absence or delay in menstruation, hot flashes, etc.

The causes

The onset of premenopause is influenced by two main factors:

  • smoking. A woman who smokes more than 15 cigarettes a day will generally be premenopausal sooner than another woman;
  • genetic. Indeed, there is a correlation between mother and daughter.

Note that taking the pill has no effect on the date of onset of premenopause.

Natural treatments for premenopause

Plants to eat

Some plants such as soy are rich in phyto-oestrogens. But you will also find it in some plants such as lady’s mantle, chasteberry and yarrow. In case of heavy and painful periods, turn to these natural remedies. They exist in the form of fresh plant extracts in organic stores or integrated into food supplements sold in pharmacies.

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Saffron and turmeric are also recommended to take care of nervous balance. For this last spice to be well assimilated by the body, it is advisable to match it with oil and pepper.

And to have a good night’s sleep, turn instead to lemon balm or passionflower. Finally, gymnema sylvestris helps fight weight gain by controlling appetite and sugar cravings. Consume 1.5 grams per day in the form of capsules, to be purchased in pharmacies.

Practice a sports activity

Even if the sport has no direct influence on the activity of the ovaries, it can prevent the consequences of the lack of hormones.

For greater efficiency, it is advisable to alternate several activities during the week such as jogging, brisk or Nordic walking, dancing, swimming, cycling as well as muscle strengthening (gym, for example). Dedicate three thirty-minute sessions to sports activities and three twenty-minute sessions to muscle building.

have a healthy diet

Certain substances are to be avoided. This is the case with fats, sugar and alcohol. Running away from excess helps to avoid weight gain during this delicate period. And it also limits the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Prohibit tobacco

Smoking advances the onset of menopause by one or two years in heavy smokers. Smoking should therefore be limited or banned.


There are homeopathic treatments to combat the effects of premenopause:

  • folliculinum 5 CH;
  • progesterum 5 CH;
  • lachesis;
  • FSH for hot flashes;
  • ignatia in case of anxiety and agitation;
  • sepia to dispel depression;
  • phosphoricum acidum for fatigue.


Several nutrients can have positive effects on this transitional period. Among them, borage oil, omega -3, vitamins B9 and E. They give good results on the following symptoms: hot flushes, night sweats and fatigue.

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Essential oils

During premenopause, use essential oils. Among them, the HE of fine lavender or mandarin.

On the other hand, clary sage essential oil is effective in eliminating hot flashes that occur day and night. Sage then plays a role of hormonal regulator. Simply place a few drops of clary sage EO on a neutral tablet before chewing it.

Attention, before using essential oils, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist. Indeed, some of them have contraindications. Clary sage essential oil, for example, is strongly discouraged if you have a history of breast, ovarian or cervical cancer.


It is a good ally to fight against irritability. This mineral is also effective in dispelling stress and anxiety.

You will find this substance in certain foods such as green and dried vegetables, chocolate or oleaginous fruits. And be aware that magnesium is also available in the form of a dietary supplement. Be careful not to exceed the dose of 350 grams per day.


To combat fatigue, one of the main symptoms of premenopause, you can use this natural product. Spirulina is an algae rich in iron, proteins and minerals. In addition, it helps to control fatigue.

Consume it in capsules or powder, with a glass of water. Be careful, there are contraindications to this natural remedy. Indeed, taking spirulina is not compatible with thyroid disorders. And do not exceed the dose of 6 grams per day.

Bach flowers

Bach flowers such as essence of walnut or charm are useful to fight against anxiety and depression. In the presence of these symptoms, use this natural remedy.

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