The 20 cheapest destinations in Europe

Do you want to travel inexpensively but do not know the cheap destinations? we take stock!

Europe is a resplendent continent full of destinations to discover. Whether in France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc … The desire to visit these countries is strong among many travelers.

Finding time to visit a country, a city, is not difficult. We all have time, even for a weekend, to visit a European destination. The only thing that can take a step back in a travel plan is the price.

The price of a trip can quickly become excessive if you do not know the right tricks and if you turn to destinations that cost an arm.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the 20 cheapest destinations in Europe for you. In this list, we will have taken in study the price of the activities and the typical things that we buy during a trip. From coffee, to restaurant, to hotel, to flight, to transport tickets, to drinks consumed during an outing, you will have a detailed price list for certain cities that will allow you to find your way around. of your budget, for a weekend or more.

Some cities in the ranking are in France, others in Italy, in fact, all the countries of Europe have their dream destinations. Either way, these destinations have plenty of surprises and stories to offer, memories that you can keep deep in your memory like a unique treasure that belongs to you.

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1 – Vilnius in Lithuania, € 123

The capital of Lithuania is a really inexpensive destination: for the sum of around 123 €, you will be able to spend an exotic weekend, eat, drink and sleep at a lower cost. Its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Between Gothic architecture, religious monuments, you have not finished getting lost in the streets of Vilnius.

2 – Krakow in Poland, € 187.34

Krakow is a city located in the south of Poland, not far from the border with the Czech Republic. For the sum of 187.84 €, you will be able to enjoy a romantic weekend or with friends in a city of confusing charm.

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Price idea:

  • Coffee: € 2.04
  • A liter of beer: € 1.78
  • A transport ticket for the weekend: 6.12 €
  • Two nights for two in a beautiful hotel: € 88.90
  • Three meals for two with wine: € 48.69

3 – Hamburg in Germany, € 168

Hamburg is one of those European port cities which ‘have not lost any of their charm of yesteryear.

For 168 € you can visit the third port in Europe. A city with an important religious heritage with its five Protestant churches, Hamburg is also a city where you can dance in typical places all night long!

4 – Budapest in Hungary, € 209

A city cut in two by the magnificent Danube river, the capital of Hungary, Budapest, offers the possibility of spending a magical weekend in the city nicknamed the Bastion of Sinners.

For around 209 € you will be able to:

  • Drink a coffee: € 1.90
  • Sleep two nights in a hotel for two: € 95.74
  • Buy a transport ticket: € 14.48
  • A liter of beer: € 1.74
  • Three meals for two with wine: € 50.25

And much more…

5 – Turin in Italy, € 178

The average cost to visit Turin for two days is 178 €. The pizzas and other Italian culinary specialties are yours without spending a fortune! With its museums and its royal palace, you will not get bored in this Italian city of character.

You can taste a type of chocolate specially cooked in Turin, the gianduito. You will also be able to get lost in its well-known gardens such as that of Valentino.

6 – Barcelona in Spain, € 185

The Catalan city opens its doors to you for a sum of 185 €: hotel, flight, restaurant included. World famous for its Sagrada Familia, Barcelona is the dream of all of Europe!

Whether it is to watch FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou, or to stroll on the beach with a good mojito, Barcelona is a dream destination and not expensive.

7 – Berlin in Germany, € 321

A little more expensive than the cities mentioned above, Berlin is still accessible with a budget of around € 321 for a weekend.

You will be able to immerse yourself in the eventful history of the capital of Germany, visit the Berlin Wall, or go dancing in its nightclubs well known to revelers.

A little idea of ​​the prices:

  • Drink a coffee: 3.30 €
  • A liter of beer: € 2.57
  • A transport ticket for the weekend: € 14.45
  • Three meals for two with table wine: € 108.33

8 – Sofia in Bulgaria, € 193

The capital of Bulgaria remains accessible with a budget of € 193 for a weekend for two people. You can visit many patriotic monuments such as the monument to Tsar Liberator Alexander II.

Don’t forget to get lost in the many gardens and parks that make up this magnificent city!

9 – Madrid in Spain, € 191

For 191 €, you can discover Madrid and its legendary, Royal Palace built in the 18th century by Philippe V.

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Same thing as for Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate to go and see a Real Madrid football match at the legendary Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

10 – Nice in France, € 279

Located in the South of France with a perfect climate for a relaxing weekend, Nice and its Promenade des Anglais opens its doors to you for around € 279.

Here is a list to get an idea of ​​the Nice prices:

  • Drink a coffee: € 1.65
  • Two pints: € 3.60
  • Three meals for two with a table wine from the region: € 69.75
  • Two nights for two in a hotel in Nice: € 142.27

11 – Strasbourg in France, € 267

Let’s stay in France and let’s now take a look at one of the most typical cities; Strasbourg!

For around € 267, you will be able to visit Strasbourg from top to bottom. With its culinary specialties such as sauerkraut, or its Christmas market, one of the most beautiful in France, you will not be bored.

An idea of ​​prices:

  • A coffee: € 3.20
  • A liter of beer: € 4.60
  • A transport ticket for the weekend: € 8.86
  • Three meals for two with a typical wine from the region: € 92.85

12 – Belfast in Northern Ireland, € 175

For € 175 per person, you can afford the opportunity to visit Belfast for a weekend or more, a trip you won’t soon forget.

You will cross the Channel and can visit the Titanic Belfast, a monument dedicated to the famous ocean liner that inspired the movie Titanic. The Titanic was built in Belfast itself. You can also visit Belfast Castle, a monument well known to the Irish as its architecture is imposing.

13 – Prague in the Czech Republic, 210 €

During the visit of the capital of the Czech Republic for around 210 €, you can get lost with your friends in nightclubs that make this city famous among young travelers. You will also be able to visit its Old Town Square which is located in its historic center.

Prague is a charming city that will appeal to all types of travelers.

14 – Dubrovnik in Croatia, € 256

Located in the south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is an old town surrounded by ramparts that you can visit for around € 256. It has very well preserved monuments which delight tourists who love history and churches.

Here is an idea of ​​the prices you will find in Dubrovnik:

  • A coffee: 1.58 €
  • Two pints of beer: € 2.45
  • A transport ticket for the weekend: 8.67 €
  • Two nights for two in a city hotel: € 92.30
  • Three meals for two with table wine: € 72.25

15 – Lille in France, € 238

Let’s come back to France in our ranking of the cheapest destinations in Europe. Lille is a unique city of its kind, nicknamed the capital of Flanders, you will be able to taste good beers in typical bars in the North of France.

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For around € 238, you can indulge yourself in Lille for a weekend, for example.

Here is an idea of ​​the prices:

  • Drink a coffee: € 2.98
  • A liter of beer: € 6
  • Three meals for two people with table wine: 65 €
  • A transport ticket for the weekend: € 8.70
  • Two nights for two in a hotel: € 108.30

16 – Lisbon in Portugal, € 238

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, with its Castle of St. George, it is a coastal city surrounded by magnificent hills. With great restaurants and typical Portuguese cuisine, gourmets will be delighted.

For a sum of approximately 238 € you will be able in a weekend:

  • Drink a coffee: 1.55 euros
  • A liter of beer or two pints: 2.06 euros
  • Three meals for two and with a bottle of table wine: 53.65 euros
  • A bus ticket to leave the airport: 6.18 euros
  • A transport ticket for the weekend: 13.50 euros
  • Two nights for two in a hotel in Lisbon: 112.84 euros

17 – Palma in Mallorca, € 323

You can visit Palma for a weekend for 323 €, admittedly it’s a bit expensive, but when you know this city and its climate, you quickly understand why the price is higher than other destinations in Europe.

You can visit the huge Santa Marià Cathedral, which overlooks the bay of Palma. But also bathe in the turquoise waters which surround this city, capital of the island of Mallorca in Spain.

An idea of ​​prices in Palma:

  • Drink a coffee: 2 €
  • Two pints or a liter of beer: € 3.10
  • A transport ticket for the weekend: 10 €
  • Two nights for two in a hotel in the city center: 204 €
  • Three meals for two and a bottle of wine: € 55

18 – Rome in Italy, € 321

Visit the Italian capital for around € 321 for two days and two people.

Rome is a city where art, history and architecture take center stage. It is a city that is over 300 years old, all tourists who love history are forced to go through Rome.

We still advise you to avoid going to Rome during the high season as it is crowded with tourists and the queues to visit the monuments can quickly become endless. Just like the high season, avoid religious holidays, the presence of the Vatican somewhat disrupts your visit to the city during these holidays.

19 – Athens in Greece, € 228

Athens is the current capital of Greece, and you can visit it for two days for around € 229.

You will be able to see with your own eyes the Parthenon, the Acropolis, but also the ancient Agora. You will dive into the heart of Greek mythology for a weekend, as a couple or with friends.

Some price ideas in Athens:

  • Drink a coffee: € 2.57
  • Two pints or a liter of beer: € 3.92
  • Three meals for two and a bottle of table wine: € 42.29
  • A ticket for two days: € 9.28
  • Two nights in a hotel for two in Athens: € 102.58

20 – Riga in Latvia 196 €

Riga is the capital of Latvia, and you can visit its typical monuments for around € 196 (for two days).

Located on the Baltic Sea, Riga is full of surprises with its well-known Latvian folklore. This city is considered a cultural center and offers many museums and concert halls.

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