How to practice light therapy?

Fatigue, loss of energy, seasonal depression… In the fall, the decrease in natural light is not without consequences. The loss of luminosity is a destabilizing factor for the body; it affects morale and accentuates fatigue. However, a light therapy lamp counteracts these undesirable effects and restores tone and energy. But how to practice light therapy and see positive results?

The mechanism

Light therapy is a bath of light that you absorb by exposing yourself to artificial light that imitates that of the sun. It is an alternative medicine that acts on the secretion of melatonin (sleep hormone) so as to synchronize the body’s sleep-wake cycles over a 24-hour period. By adjusting the internal clock with light therapy, we therefore promote the reduction of symptoms caused by the lack of light such as depressed mood, chronic fatigue or an exaggerated need for sleep.

Course of a session

Whether you are planning a session in a professional center or at home, the procedure is the same. Just sit or lie down 30-70cm away, facing the lamp, letting your body absorb the light. The eyes must be open, but not necessarily directed directly towards the light source.

Duration of a session

Recommend your sessions in the morning, when you get up and always at the same time. Each session lasting an average of 30 minutes at a rate of 4 to 5 per week for 15 days will show interesting results.

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Session intervals

It is suggested to keep a certain routine of light therapy sessions. This is why we often hear that the results will be conclusive with discipline. It is advisable to take regular sessions and not to space them out too much, because stopping too long for a few weeks would bring you back to square one.

Choose your light therapy lamp

The lamps are sold over the counter, as they are not recognized as medical devices. There are several models so, before buying, make sure that the model chosen does not produce UV rays and that it meets current safety standards.

Benefits of light therapy

  • Influences the production of serotonin, also called the “happiness hormone”.
  • Promotes the quality of sleep by better regulation of melatonin.
  • Synchronizes the biological cycles of the body for a fluid and balanced production of hormones.
  • Improves concentration and boosts energy.
  • Serves as a natural antidepressant that enhances good moods and repels depressed moods.

That being said, practiced in the right way, light therapy is therefore a very interesting way to feel the positive effects of the sun on the body and mind throughout the year!

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