Plantar reflexology to relieve your insomnia

Everyone knows the importance of having a great night’s sleep. However, various factors can prevent you from getting and having good sleep. More and more individuals suffering from insomnia are turning to foot reflexology. We will detail in this section, the important things to know on this subject.

Plantar reflexology and the causes of insomnia

Plantar reflexology is the massage of the soles of the feet. The different parts of the body have a reflex zone and a flow of energy at the level of the plantar arches. When a reflexologist applies pressure and smoothing at a specific area, it affects an organ or a specific function of the body. We then speak of self-healing or self-repairing faculty. This is also the case for sleep disorders. Obviously, the session comes with other benefits.

The causes of insomnia can be different from person to person. Indeed, they are linked to factors such as caffeine intake, allergies or depression. In all cases, plantar reflexology can provide preventive and curative solutions. This is why you don’t need to wait for the difficulty falling asleep to manifest itself to favor a plantar reflexology session.

The virtues of plantar reflexology on sleep

The benefits of plantar reflexology manifest themselves in physiological and psychological forms. They can be grouped into three categories: inner balance, muscle relaxation and pain relief.

First, a massage of the soles of the feet has effects: balancing and liberating. Balance concerns the general interior of the organism, in other words the various organs. Release refers to negative thoughts, anxiety and stress. These first two functions soothe the mind, making it easier to fall asleep.

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Then there is muscle relaxation. At the end of the day, most muscles take time to relax without a massage session. Indeed, the conditions for falling asleep thus take longer. With plantar reflexology, which lasts a maximum of thirty minutes, the muscles will be relaxed more quickly. At the same time, fatigue disappears faster and recovery is promoted.

Finally, a massage of the arches of the feet is known to relieve pain. It concerns all parts of the body and organs. As you know, it is almost impossible to fall asleep with physical pain. Once the reflexological zone is solicited, the pains subside on the one hand. On the other hand, the responsible organs are stimulated to solve the problems. This is why foot reflexology helps promote restful sleep.

The best time to benefit from foot reflexology

You can request a session at any time of the day. But since your goal is to relieve your insomnia, towards the end of the day is an ideal time.

When the stressful reflex zone is massaged, the brain triggers the production of relaxation hormones. This reaction of the organism is accompanied by the slowing down of the functions of the organism. This is why the individual finds it easier to fall asleep. If you take a foot reflexology session in the morning, this effect may disappear until bedtime. In the case of treatment of another pathology with plantar massage, this can be adapted.

Foot reflexology encourages your body to self-heal and self-regulate. This is a natural solution that spares you the need to take sleeping pills or other medications of this kind. Moreover, a session does not only solve sleep disorders. Other body functions also benefit. Moreover, this practice is suitable for all ages and contraindications are rare.

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