SOS Medecin in Brest, info and emergency number

Living in a large French city like Brest, also called the city of Ponant, offers many advantages on a professional and personal level.

You can admire buildings with exceptional architecture and enjoy a beautiful calm landscape. Brest is the city with the least air pollution among the big cities of France. This is explained by the scarcity of factories and the proximity of the ocean. It is also the least congested place in the country. The living environment, the climate, the quality of the different types of establishments, such as: schools, colleges, higher education establishments and the general dynamism of the territory are real assets of Brest. In addition, the cultural and sporting offer is not lacking in the municipality. There are many medical institutions. In addition, for any need relating to your health, SOS Médecins Brest is at your entire disposal.

Presentation of SOS Doctors Brest

SOS Médecins Brest is a liberal emergency medical service located in the city of Brest. This is an association that brings together several doctors. The establishment is able to ensure you a total medical permanence: 7 days a week and 24 hours a day throughout the year. The doctors provide home visits for clients living in Brest or in the surrounding towns.

To effectively monitor the health of citizens, the organization respects specific specifications and has many advantages: qualified doctors, flashing light, unmarked white car, emergency case, traceability on Smartphone. SOS Médecins has a multifunctional technical platform: switchboard, computer applications for specific uses, traceability and call recordings.

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The establishment has competent doctors. A team of switchboard operators takes care of receiving telephone calls and scheduling patient appointments. What makes the organization in Brest unique is that the doctors can adapt their intervention activities to the needs of the patients. Others even manage to accept extended deadlines.

The medical service of SOS Médecins Brest treats patients of all ages: newborns, children, adults and the elderly. Families from different social classes can benefit from high quality services.

The price of the consultation varies according to the time at which the service is given. The service is associated with conventional rates, without overrun. Each patient benefits from rapid and optimal reimbursement. A terminal for reading vital cards and payment by bank card is available to each doctor.

The organization also offers consultations in the medical center in Brest, they are open every day, even on Sundays and public holidays, by simple telephone appointment beforehand. In the event of an emergency or if you are unable to move, call 15 who will send you, if necessary, an ambulance which will transport you to the emergency department.

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Useful information

So, if your state of health or that of a member of your family requires immediate medical intervention, do not hesitate to call SOS Médecins Brest. You can also call on the organization if you need advice or other information about its activities. SOS Médecins is always at your disposal and can guarantee you an excellent quality of service.

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The head office of SOS Médecins Brest is located at the following address: SOS Médecins, 252, rue Francis Thomas. 29200 Brest, Finistere France. For a request for a home visit or for any need for information, it is possible to contact SOS Médecins Brest at the number: 0298340000. Various information and news on the service are available on the site:

The equipment needed to open a medical practice in Brest

Have you decided to open a medical practice to carry out your activity? It’s a great idea, but you’re going to need a certain amount of equipment and a minimum of medical equipment.

A distinction must be made between two types of equipment: those essential in the office and the examination room and those which must be installed in the waiting room. You can go to this site to provide your GP materials online.

In your office, you will need at least a desk that can accommodate your computer and your printer, a comfortable armchair and two additional chairs for your patients. You will also need to think about investing in a cabinet to store your files. In your examination room, you will install an examination table, essential for auscultating your patients.

Your waiting room should have several chairs for your patients to sit down while waiting their turn. It is better to favor comfortable seats that do not clean easily. A small table will accommodate medical or other journals as well as games for children. The waiting room will preferably be installed far from the consultation room and the reception to preserve a certain confidentiality.

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Regarding the examination material necessary to open a medical practice, it will mainly depend on your specialty and your geographical location. A rural general practitioner may be required to perform an ECG. In town, the patient will tend to go to a cardiologist or to the emergency room in the event of a heart problem. Basic equipment includes a blood pressure monitor, a blood glucose meter, a stethoscope, a reflex hammer, a thermometer and a scale. The emergency kit will also be essential. It should contain products and instruments such as syringes, dressings, compresses, disinfectants, gloves, steristrips, etc. This so-called first aid material will be very useful to you. You will also be able to own the equipment that allows you to perform an infusion. If you make home visits, remember to equip yourself with a medical case provided for this purpose.

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