Progressing on a bike after 40

Turning 40 represents a pivotal period. Getting back on the bike after 40, is it a good idea? And first of all, is there an ideal age to play sports and progress? What factors should be taken into account to resume a sporting activity and progress in cycling? How to “take control” without making mistakes? Discover all the health benefits of cycling as well as the secrets to facilitate the return to sport.

Advantages and disadvantages of cycling


The practice of cycling is ideal for being in shape and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Cycling has many advantages:

  • When you pedal, you expend energy. This facilitates the loss of fat mass;
  • the bike is very good for the heart. It helps to remuscle the organ and « boost » it. Indeed, the practice of cycling puts a lot of strain on the cardiovascular system;
  • strengthen your lower limbs such as buttocks or calves while cycling;
  • cycling is a balance sport that spares the joints and solicits the inner ear but also the vision;
  • there’s nothing like cycling to fill up with fresh air, relax and breathe fresh air!

The inconvenients

Despite all its benefits, cycling also has some disadvantages:

  • cycling works the heart. Before resuming sport, care should be taken to avoid heart problems;
  • certain muscles of the trunk and upper limbs are neglected. To solicit your whole body, it is essential to practice another sporting activity in addition (swimming, bodybuilding, etc.).
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Why resume a sporting activity?

Quarantine has some physiological and psychological effects to consider when getting back on the bike. Even if you were an excellent cyclist in your youth, a lack of regular physical exercise can cause certain negative effects (excess pounds, shortness of breath, daily fatigue, etc.).

From a psychological point of view, the absence of physical activity for several years can result in a loss of muscle mass and possibly fat gain, as well as a drop in strength and endurance.

Never resume intensive cycling without a specific protocol. The resumption of a sports activity must be supervised and certain precautions must be taken. Restarting the machine after 40 years requires determination but also monitoring.

How do I get back to cycling?

Be careful while showing perseverance. To get back on the bike in the best conditions, follow certain steps.

A medical opinion

Speak to your GP. The practitioner will have you carry out a stress test in order to detect contraindications to the practice of cycling.

In general, a medical check-up is recommended in the resumption of a sport practiced intensively.

Smokers, diabetics and people with high blood pressure will be doubly monitored.

Control your heart rate

Invest in a heart rate monitor (also called a power meter) to effectively monitor your heart rate. In function, manage the intensity of your efforts. If the device panics, stop immediately!

Choose a good bike

To practice a sport in optimal conditions, it is essential to have the appropriate equipment. Have your bike serviced or buy a new model if necessary.

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Set achievable goals

Be ambitious while remaining realistic. Set yourself motivating goals (e.g.: a hike, a cycling event, etc.).

At the beginning, take it easy while being determined. Start with short cycling sessions without any real climbs.

A word of advice, favor the solo to avoid overspeeding. Gently, but with regularity! Plan at least one cycling session per week.

For the recovery to take place under good conditions, anticipate difficult times. For at least three months, training will be complicated. The body has to get used to physical exertion again. After the first difficulties, the resumption of sport will give you pleasure! Do not doubt that at 40, your body is still largely capable of exploits. Just give him time…

In addition to cycling, remember to drink water regularly and avoid intense activities when it’s very hot! Choose suitable clothing for cycling and don’t forget to protect your head. Finally, if you are a smoker, never smoke before or after exercising.

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