Banque Belfius: the editorial guide

Belfius Bank is a Belgian financial institution owned by the State. Originally, the organization met the needs of local communities. However, it also markets several banking products for individuals. Discover the complete offer of Banque Belfius in terms of accounts, payment cards and online banking. Also find out about the steps to open an account and become a client. And follow the procedure to access your online customer area. Everything you need to know about Belfius Bank, a leading Belgian financial institution!

Who is Banque Belfius?

Prior to 2012, Banque Belfius was known as Dexia Banque Belgique, a banking and insurance service company. It is a public limited company of a commercial nature whose objective is to meet the needs of local communities. Belfius has its head office based in Brussels.

The main activity of Belfius Bank is the granting of credit to the public sector and the provision of financial services to individuals and businesses. The establishment is also the only 100% integrated bank-insurer in Belgium. It supports 3.5 million individuals, self-employed, liberal professions and SMEs. And clients who hold movable assets of at least 500,000 euros can also benefit from the advice of a private adviser (Private banker). The Belfius network has more than 250 throughout its territory.

How do I open an account at Banque Belfius?

Via the Belfius mobile app

To open an account and become a Belfius Bank customer, you can use the Belfius mobile or tablet application. The fastest account opening is done via your smartphone by scanning the QR code on the establishment’s website. This allows you to then download the Belfius Mobile app:

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As soon as you open an account, you have a contactless bank card and its linked payment account, access to the banking application, personalized advice via the organization’s agency network. Note that for the opening of a first payment account, the bank pays you 10 euros.

On line

If you don’t have a smartphone, there is another way to open an account at Banque Belfius.

To open an online account, you must be in possession of your identity card and:

  • to be of age ;
  • have established your legal and tax domicile in Belgium (only);
  • have a Belgian telephone number.

Then just follow the instructions online:

In agency

Know that in case of difficulty with digital solutions, you can be helped by an advisor. Find all the Belfius agencies present on Belgian territory:

banking services

payment accounts

The establishment offers its private clientele two ranges:

  • the Belfius Pulse range to carry out most transactions via the app and online banking services. To make important decisions, you can also go to an agency to benefit from a personalized interview. The Belfius Pulse range includes a free payment account as well as an account billed at 1 euro per month to pay anywhere quickly with a Mastercard;
  • the Belfius Comfort range to carry out your operations in your branch as a priority and then use remote services (application, online). The range has several offers: Belfius Comfort at 2.50 euros per month, Belfius Comfort Red at 4.50 euros per month to have protection for your purchases, Belfius Comfort Platinum at 17 euros per month to protect your family, your vehicles and purchases with a Mastercard Platinum.
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Payment cards

Belfius Bank markets four payment cards to settle all your transactions:

  • the Mastercard White at 1 euro per month with a credit limit of 1250 euros;
  • the Mastercard Red at 4.50 euros per month with a credit limit of 1900 euros;
  • the Mastercard Gold at 6.50 euros per month with a credit limit of 2500 euros;
  • the Mastercard Platinum at 17 euros per month with a credit limit of 5000 euros.

To know: you have the choice between the credit card which allows you to defer the payment of your purchases or the Prepaid card, to be recharged according to your needs.

Pay with your smartphone

The establishment allows its private customers to pay for their purchases via their smartphone thanks to:

  • contactless payment;
  • in Payconiq. In shops or restaurants, you pay with your smartphone using the Patconing application linked to Belfius Mobile:
  • to mobile payment. You pay for your purchases at merchants or online by scanning a QR code.

Other services

Belfius Bank also offers other services for:

  • saving and investing;
  • borrow (vehicle, house, other expenses);
  • insure (vehicle, home, family, travel, disaster).

Belfius Bank tariffs

Discover all the tariffs applied by Banque Belfius by consulting its website:

How do I access my online account?

To access your online account, simply click on the « Connect » button at the top right of the site’s home page.

You then have three options:

  • log in with itsme: without a card reader, with just your smartphone and your itsme code. This is an easy and safe way;
  • connect without USB cable: without program installation, with a bank card and security codes. It’s simple, fast and completely secure;
  • connect with a USB cable: with one-time software installation, with a bank card, without security codes. This means is even simpler and faster, in complete safety.
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Know that in case of difficulty to connect to your online accounts, you have assistance. Simply click on the « Help » button at the top right of the window. Consult the FAQ to find an answer to the problem you are having.

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