Where to find a locksmith in Brest?

There is no shortage of locksmiths in Brest: craft and industrial traditions are ancient there and the urban area has a concentration of more than 300,000 inhabitants.

It is important to make the right choice in such a useful sector of activity where consumer complaints against scammers and mediocre people are commonplace, especially in large urban areas. The locksmith trade has become highly technical. A locksmith in Brest must combine home automation and aesthetic know-how and guarantee your safety.

Ensure your safety and facilitate your entry into your home

classic locks

Even if you are a talented handyman, nothing can replace the intervention of a locksmith who will be able to advise you and make you benefit from his know-how which adapts to the increasing complexity of locks, doors and handles.

The CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection) thus distinguishes three main types of locks according to their resistance to break-ins. The A2P1 category can be hooked in five minutes, the A2P2 in ten minutes and the A2P3 in fifteen minutes. The A2P1 lock is at best acceptable for an interior door, it would expose your home to great risk if it were affixed to the front door. The same goes for the locks integrated into the handle that a burglar will have no difficulty in forcing.
A Brest locksmith will provide you with recommendations on the choice of your lock: classic, streamlined, single barrel (suitable for a single key model), double barrel (double key model), reversible key which can be inserted into any any sense and recommended for the visually impaired and the elderly.

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Three to five point locks are suitable for a standard door. Beyond 2.10 meters you will need a lock with at least seven points.

This know-how is essential for changing the lock or reopening a door that has closed leaving you outside.

Armored doors and home automation

armored doors

It is imperative to entrust the shielding of your door to a professional. Armored doors are classified in ascending order, BP1, BP2, BP3 according to their resistance to burglary. In addition to the metal frame of the door, the noise caused by the picking of the door has a deterrent effect on burglars.

Home automation

Progress in home automation naturally affects locksmithing. High-tech locks have the particular advantage of dispensing with the key that you will no longer risk losing. They are opened using cards and digicodes, for example. The biometric lock uses fingerprint, retina, hand contour or your smartphone.

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The aesthetics of your lock, your handle, your door

The competent locksmith is a craftsman. It therefore has an aesthetic know-how, in addition to its technical qualities. The choice of your lock and your handle depends on the aesthetics of your door. You may naturally prefer a simple door that will hardly attract the attention of burglars.

There are varnished locks, brass etc. Some craftsmen even offer Art Nouveau models.

Services offered by a locksmith

A qualified locksmith in Brest will offer you various services such as free quotes, for example, which will testify to the transparency of their prices. Some of them are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can be easily reached by email, telephone or by going directly to their offices. The locksmith in Brest will tell you his scope of intervention. This information is particularly useful as the urban area is vast. A competent craftsman will give you his advice and provide you with details on his service.

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