Quit smoking with electronic cigarettes

It’s decided ? Want to quit smoking? Help yourself with the electronic cigarette to carry out this project which is not an easy undertaking. The temptation is always present to light a cigarette for a moment of pleasure or to face intense stress. By making up for this lack with the use of electronic cigarettes, you will have an easier time eliminating tobacco from your life! Here are some answers to questions you may have about electronic cigarettes.

Why replace the traditional cigarette with an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is an opportunity to completely quit tobacco consumption, even for heavy smokers. This solution appeared in the 2010s and has really become more popular. The main advantage of the electronic cigarette is that you can very well consume an e-liquid that contains absolutely no nicotine.

There are different formulas of composition of the e liquid. Each vaper will choose the nicotine level best suited to their smoking history. Indeed, to achieve a smooth weaning, it is advisable to reduce the doses of nicotine as you go until you reach zero. The choice of an electronic cigarette is really beneficial for health. By consuming an e-liquid without nicotine, you limit or eliminate the risk of serious illnesses.

Are electronic cigarettes expensive?

Much less than buying packs of traditional cigarettes! The electronic cigarette requires a small investment initially, but it is then less expensive than the conventional cigarette. It is possible to obtain spare parts or products at low prices.

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The rebuildable atomizer

It is a system that allows the electronic cigarette to be adapted to make the resistance according to various mounting methods. Buying an atomizer online is an opportunity to save money. It is very useful for discover different sensations and find the perfect settings to guarantee real vaping pleasure. Rebuildable atomizers are available in two types of operation:

  • The tank with a reservoir and wicks that absorb e-liquid
  • The tankless dripper for even more savings.

The rebuildable atomizer is ideal for no longer having to constantly invest in resistors. In addition, it promotes personalized vaping according to your desires. The flavors are more intense and the vapor corresponds to your expectations. There are mono-coil or dual-coil atomizers (one or two coils) to choose from depending on the desired performance.

electronic cigarette to quit smoking

The liquid

Also save money by buying e-liquids on the internet. It is possible to vary the flavors thanks to the different compositions. Gourmet flavors, tasty drinks or minty taste, you will find the e-liquid that corresponds to your desires.

With good plans and attractive prices, you will quickly save money compared to tobacco prices which are constantly increasing. The traditional cigarette becomes more and more expensive, until becoming totally prohibitive. The electronic cigarette offers you the possibility of vaping without breaking the bank.

Why is the e-cigarette useful to help you quit smoking?

The e-cigarette will compensate for the consumption of conventional cigarettes. It is not easy to do without reflex gestures or sensations. This is why it is advisable to go through the use of the e-cigarette. This is especially true for smokers who have already tried all possible solutions to stop their traditional cigarette consumption. Tobacco addiction is really powerful and the pull of a cigarette is very hard to fight. By vaping, you rediscover the pleasure of smoking without having to suffer the harmfulness of tobacco. You can receive advice to choose your equipment and your products according to your needs.

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The e-cigarette is very effective in reducing your tobacco consumption. It is possible to combine the traditional cigarette with the use of the e-cigarette. It is important then toadapt the nicotine content in the e-liquid according to the cigarettes smoked. The vaper must also reduce the number of conventional cigarettes until he stops completely.

E-liquids are less harmful than burning a traditional cigarette. Indeed, a cigarette is composed of more than 4000 harmful, even toxic substances. 50 of them can even promote the development of very serious diseases such as cancer. The more tobacco you use, the more likely you are to create a breeding ground for serious consequences for your health and your body.

stop smoking

Choose your equipment for a quick quit smoking

It is important to select your equipment well to successfully achieve the goal you have set for yourself. For that it is necessary select the e-cigarette well, but also the reconstructable atomizer in order to obtain a good quality of vapour. It is important to test different assemblies to succeed in creating the vapor which will give you the same feeling as the cigarette.

This is also where the importance of selecting the e-liquids according to their composition lies. Indeed, the distribution of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin defines the sensation of the « hit ». It’s that little tingling feeling you get in the back of your throat when you smoke a traditional cigarette. Test different dosages to find the one that would be most likely to help you reduce your nicotine consumption.

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The choice of your equipment and e-liquids will depend on the success of your nicotine withdrawal in the long term. By quitting smoking, your body will create alerts to make you want to use tobacco again. You will notice that you are hungry, that you feel low spirits, that you are irritable or anxious. It is therefore important to take these symptoms into consideration to adapt your use of the e-cigarette.

Do not hesitate to seek the help of a tobacco specialist or a tobacco specialist, in order to find the right dosage and the appropriate equipment according to your needs. It’s important to support you to successfully complete your long-term nicotine withdrawal.

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