Senior: what you need to know to age well

The second half of your life can bring you some of your most rewarding decades. You can even gain confidence. You gain patience and wisdom. Of course, your hair is getting grayer and grayer and your face is more wrinkled. You can age, however, by keeping your body and mind as healthy as possible. Here are some tips to put into practice to age well.

Eat whole foods

It is more of a way to eat than a formal diet. You must consume more than vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and more. It is important to reduce your intake of fatty meats, butter, salt, sugar, and packaged foods.

Many studies have shown that this way of eating can help you live longer and protects you against heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Diet plays a huge role in how your body ages.

The latest research has also shown that a low glycemic index diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and lean protein is the healthiest.

Keep a positive attitude and stay sociable

When it comes to old age, you are who you think you are. According to some studies posted online by, older people who see age as a way to gain wisdom and general satisfaction have more 40% chance to recover from a disability than those who think that aging is synonymous with uselessness or helplessness.

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It should also be remembered that friends and relatives can help improve your lifespan. According to some studies, people with strong social ties have more 50% chance to have a longer lifespan than those who have insufficient or poor relationships.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is an essential part of aging well. According to some studies, an average woman, for example, between the ages of 30 and 70 can lose up to 23% of her muscle mass. We tend to lose muscle faster as we age, but exercise, especially resistance training, can increase strength and mass, even into your 30s.

Staying in shape can also decrease age-related memory loss, according to a study posted online by Additionally, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for about 60-70% of all dementia cases. Increasing physical activity can decrease this statistic by about 25%. Exercise actually strengthens the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with learning.

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Do not expose your skin too much to the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles and even cancer to appear. Covering your skin with sunscreen or sunscreen can help prevent skin aging. And if the sun’s rays actually help in the production of vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones, that is hardly a good reason to expose yourself.

It should be remembered that after a few minutes spent in the sun, your skin stops producing vitamin D, and begins to give way to skin cancer. Most people get a lot of vitamin D, but if you think you don’t, try eating more salmon or even eggs.

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Get enough sleep

You most certainly know that according to some studies, you should do a night of at least seven hours. But did you know that not getting enough sleep can lead to a higher risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease? Plus, sleep can improve memory and even help balance missing nights of sleep.

And it turns out that « beauty sleep » isn’t just a myth. During a nap, your body releases a growth hormone that helps restore elastin and collagen, essential building blocks for young, healthy skin. Recent studies have also shown a link between insomnia and rapid aging of the brain.

In other words, the chronic absence of sleep has a negative impact on the functioning of the brain and increases the aging process. Many people see sleep as a luxury rather than a need, which it shouldn’t be.

Stop smoking

Tobacco kills. It harms almost every organ in your body. Cigarettes and other products containing nicotine cause heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and many other health problems. It’s never too late to quit smoking.

Your body begins to heal within 20 minutes of your last cigarette. Your chances of having a heart attack immediately drop. In one year, your chances of suffering from heart disease drop by half. Which leads to a longer lifespan.

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