How to save money on your home insurance?

Although essential and compulsory, home insurance can weigh heavily on a household budget. Especially since each January 1 is generally accompanied by an increase in prices. How to save money on your home insurance?

Assess your real needs

Home insurance, whatever it is, covers damage related to fire, flood, water damage, burglary, broken glass … Then, options can be taken out. They are not essential and should therefore be studied as needed. For example, there is no need to insure your exteriors when you are a simple tenant of an apartment.

Another example, no need to take out a guarantee against damage linked to frost for someone who lives in an apartment. Then, guarantees related to theft or vandalism are only necessary in the presence of valuables. In addition, accumulating guarantees is completely unnecessary. But beware, it is essential to maintain excellent protection in order to avoid finding yourself in a complicated situation in the event of a disaster.

Use a comparator

To be able to benefit from cheaper home insurance, it is advisable to use an online comparator. This free tool, which has revolutionized our daily lives, allows you to find in just a few clicks and at any time of the day, the insurance that is most suited to your needs, but above all at the lowest cost.

This solution avoids the many trips to the various agencies in order to obtain quotes and therefore saves time. An insurance comparator provides access to personalized offers and to find out in more detail the amount of deductibles, compensation periods or even reimbursement ceilings.

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Change insurance

Coming into force in 2015, the Hamon law allows holders of a home insurance contract to terminate it at any time, without notice and without penalty charges, once the date of the first anniversary of the contract subscription has passed. Do not hesitate to take the opportunity to change insurance and take advantage of a cheaper offer. Another advantage: it is the new insurer who will take care of all the steps to terminate the old contract.

Protect your home

Protecting your home well, for example by installing an alarm, an armored door or a video surveillance system can lower the total amount of the contribution. Indeed, several insurers are rewarding this initiative aimed at reducing the risk of intrusion by reducing the amount of contributions. Sometimes this drop can go up to 15%. Other companies waive the deductible in the event of a burglary. In certain cases (isolated house, housing valuables, second home, etc.), the insurer may require the installation of a security system.

Modify the contract and the deductible

The home insurance contract can change over the years. The insurance must be adapted to any changes made since the signing of the contract. Certain works such as the construction of a swimming pool, an outbuilding, the acquisition of computer equipment or the arrival of a new inhabitant can increase the total amount of the contribution. However, other changes will decrease it. Any change concerning the accommodation must be communicated to the insurer.

Some contributions are high because the amount of deductibles is minimal or even zero. But it pays off. Thus, to save money on home insurance, it is possible to request an upward revaluation of deductibles. On the other hand, in the event of a claim, the profit may be much less.

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Choice of payment method

The choice of payment method will influence the total cost of home insurance. If possible, it is preferable to pay the amount of the contribution in one go. Indeed, although practical, the monthly payments are more expensive because they involve more management fees.

Paying your insurance annually saves up to 10%. It is also possible to contact your insurer directly to ask for a commercial gesture. He doesn’t have to accept, but sometimes a loyal customer can get discounts. Some companies apply discounts if an insured has several contracts (automobile, home, health, etc.). Another option: to play the competition. This well-known solution can lower the cost of home insurance. Insurers are ready to lower their rates to keep or recover a customer.

Making savings on your home insurance is quite possible thanks to these various tips. The most important thing is not to neglect the quality of the protection, because the savings made by reducing the invoice will be insufficient to cover the damage in the event of a claim.

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