The benefits of the sauna

The sauna is appreciated for the well-being it provides. But this dry steam bath has other virtues. Discover all the benefits for body and mind of this practice straight from Scandinavia. Sauna is good for health. We tell you all about its positive effects on the skin and immune defenses. Practicing sauna sessions requires a few precautions, follow our advice!

What exactly is the sauna for?

This millennia-old relaxation technique has benefits for the body. Wrongly assimilated to the hamman, which is a wet steam bath, the sauna promotes sweating. Indeed, it produces a dry heat of up to 100°C. Its principle is based on hot/cold, which promotes the strengthening of immune defences. The alternation of temperature is healthy for the organism. The sauna reduces stress and soothes tension. The sauna is also recommended to reduce general fatigue. Thanks to the function of heat, the body releases endorphins which help in falling asleep. Nothing better than a session just before bedtime.

The technique also has virtues on the skin. In addition to cleansing and purifying the body, it improves the elasticity of the skin and evacuates toxins. In case of muscle pain, the sauna is effective. It relieves at the same time aches, osteoarthritis, cramps. Its hot/cold effect promotes blood circulation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Practiced on a regular basis, the sauna can also protect against the flu.

Sauna, advice for use and contraindications

The sauna is contraindicated in certain specific cases. It is not recommended mainly in case of heart disease.

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This specific bath can be used at any age, in children or the elderly. In case of discomfort, listen to your body and shorten the session. If in doubt, seek the advice of your doctor before practicing sessions. Be aware, however, that the use of the sauna without abuse is not dangerous for the body.

A sauna session usually lasts no more than fifteen minutes. After the session, it is advisable to take a cold shower or bath. This revitalizes the body. It is quite possible to do up to three sessions.

Another recommendation, drink water. Indeed, the wellness ritual can cause you to lose up to a liter of water, hence the birth of certain beliefs. No, the sauna does not make you lose weight. On the other hand, it can effectively accompany weight loss.

This ancestral process is the subject of received ideas. Good to know, the sauna has no harmful effect on the skin and does not dry it out. Scandinavians practice the sauna several times a week. For the Finns, it is a real well-being ritual.

If you wish to acquire a sauna to practice sessions at home, be sure to make the right choice between the different existing models. In any case, only trust a serious seller.

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