Living in French Polynesia

Located in the Pacific Ocean near Australia, French Polynesia is made up of five islands. The most famous, Tahiti, welcomes many French expatriates. It is the most populated territory of French Polynesia even if Moorea, the neighboring island, is also attractive. These sunny destinations represent paradises, but is French Polynesia really an ideal expatriation? Before leaving to settle on the other side of the world, find out about Tahiti and its neighboring islands. What budget do you need to have to live there comfortably? What is the cost of living in French Polynesia? And what formalities must be completed to emigrate? We tell you everything about this dream destination in order to avoid disappointment.

Living in French Polynesia, the costs

Before considering an expatriation, you should know that the cost of living in French Polynesia has nothing to do with that of metropolitan France. In Tahiti and the neighboring islands, prices are very high.

real estate

You will not find a studio for less than 600 euros per month. For a house with two bedrooms, it will take around 1600 euros. These are standard prices, which are not practiced everywhere on the island. Indeed, some territories are more highly rated than others. To pay less, expatriate beyond the West and East coasts. There, the prices are more moderate

The food

The food budget represents one of the highest expenditure items. And for good reason, food that comes from France is very expensive. Find everyday consumer products up to twice as expensive as in France.

Electricity and water

In Tahiti, pay for the most expensive electricity in the world. Note, the amount of the invoice varies according to the size of the accommodation as well as habits.
On the other hand, the price of water remains very affordable in French Polynesia.

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Namely, extras such as alcohol, tobacco, leisure or services also cost much more in French Polynesia than in France.

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Work in French Polynesia, salaries

Generally, French expatriates are seconded or transferred civil servants. If you are looking for work in the private sector, know that the task is more complicated. Depending on the sector, job offers can be rare. Trades related to tourism and construction hire the most candidates. However, the contracts often turn out to be precarious. These are fixed-term contracts of a few months, and rarely long-term contracts. Before moving to French Polynesia, it is better to have already found a job there. Daily life may be difficult without a real professional opportunity.

You should also know that Polynesian salaries are significantly higher than in mainland France. Executives and positions of responsibility are those who do well. Their salary can be up to twice as high as in France. Note that there are considerable differences between the public and private sectors.
On the other hand, the average number of hours per week is 39 hours against 35 in France.

Finally, don’t be surprised to see your colleagues show up in shorts and floral shirts. In Tahiti or in the other islands of the Pacific, casual attire is required. Forget your ties and suits, favor colorful summer outfits.

Administrative procedures to live in French Polynesia

Opening a bank account

Are you really thinking about expatriation? Know that the first formality is to open a bank account in your adopted territory. This will make your search for accommodation easier.

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There are several subsidiaries of French banking institutions. To open a bank account, you will be asked for a local address, a post office box, an employment contract or a transfer order, a salary slip and an identity document. Note, some banks require a CDI.

Renting an apartment or house

Have you found accommodation? You will need to present certain documents to the owner: an employment contract, payslips, an identity card and a bank account statement.

Social security registration

To live in French Polynesia, you must be registered with the CPS. Registration with Polynesian Social Security is compulsory. Depending on your professional situation, the formalities may vary. Before you leave, find out about the steps to take with your Primary Health Insurance Fund.

Mail delivery

In Tahiti, as in the other islands of French Polynesia, mail delivery is non-existent. To collect your letters and parcels, only one solution: open a post office box. Make your request to the OPT (Post and Telecommunications Office) located closest to your accommodation.

Moving to French Polynesia is a dream for many. Paradise islands have many advantages. However, to make a success of your installation and live in Tahiti in the best conditions, prepare your departure! It is imperative to take into account the cost of living on site to meet your needs. To save some money, it is rather recommended to settle on an island other than Tahiti or Moorea. Of course, the infrastructures will be less developed, but the prices will be more reasonable!

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Take a Polynesia cruise to discover breathtaking landscapes

Whether or not you live in French Polynesia, you may want to discover its heavenly landscapes, but also the richness of its fauna and flora. Indeed, if you go on vacation, you want to live an unforgettable experience where you can be closer to nature. To live an extraordinary moment, it may be interesting for you to choose the cruise to discover the beauty of Tahiti, Makatea, Papeete, Bora-Bora, Tahaa, Fakarava, Rangiroa, or even Moorea. If you want to know the reasons to leave now on a cruise in French Polynesia, you have come to the right place.

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Set out to conquer French Polynesia

To live a unique moment, you can decide to take a Polynesia cruise. Indeed, to be closer to nature, it is true that taking a cruise is clearly the best choice you can make. During your stay on board of more than 2 weeks, you will be able to realize the beauty of the Polynesian islands, and all the richness they contain. If you have a passion for wildlife, you can find your account there. Thus, it is possible to see thousands of species of fish or turtles and rare birds. If you book a cruise in French Polynesia, you should know that some companies offer excursions at no extra charge throughout your cruise. You will be able to better realize the beauty of the island, but also, you will be able to learn about the local culture or traditions. In any case, whatever cruise in Polynesia you choose, it is clear that this cruise will remain etched forever in your memory.

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