Tracheitis: natural treatments

Although not serious, tracheitis is a nuisance, especially at night when it gets worse. Generally, the disease heals on its own after three weeks or a month. However, it causes fatigue due to lack of sleep. It is therefore advisable to call on its natural pharmacy to soothe dry or oily coughing spells and calm the irritation of the throat. Discover all our 100% natural solutions to overcome tracheitis as quickly as possible. And follow our advice to adopt the right gestures on a daily basis. Everything you need to know about inflammation of the trachea and get rid of it!

What is tracheitis?

Tracheitis is a inflammation of the lining of the trachea. In this case, the trachea swells slightly. This organ, which is part of the respiratory system, is in the form of a tube about ten centimeters long. It connects the larynx, where it originates, to the bronchi. Its main role is then to transport the air that enters through the mouth to the lungs.

Most often benign, tracheitis in adults regresses spontaneously and lasts between three weeks and a month. However, during this time, the pathology is troublesome because it prevents sleep, which leads to fatigue.

If the tracheitis persists for more than a month or if it makes it difficult to breathe, it is better to consult a doctor or an ENT specialist to be examined. The practitioner will determine the type of tracheitis. Indeed, there are two: acute tracheitis, which is transient, and chronic tracheitis, which lasts for a long time.


Tracheitis is manifested by several symptoms:

  • a spasmodic cough at the same time brutal, sudden and repetitive. It is caused by the contraction of the thorax. The cough is usually dry, that is to say without mucus. However, it can become oily and produce yellow or green colored sputum. This is not a sign of bacterial superinfection. Note that the cough most often occurs when lying down, thus exacerbating the night;
  • on the other hand, the cough is accompanied by a pain along and behind the sternum ;
  • then a fever may occur for one or two days if it is a viral episode;
  • finally, a difficulty speaking can appear when tracheitis is associated with other diseases such as laryngitis or dysphonia.
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The causes

In adults, tracheitis is most commonly an acute and harmless condition, generally occurring in the context of a viral ENT infection (pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, etc.).

Tracheitis can also find its origin in allergies. Indeed, it is punctuated each year by the pollen season in spring. The pathology can also be triggered by irritation linked to a toxic volatile product: tobacco, smoke, chlorine vapours, urban pollution, etc.

More rarely, tracheitis turns out to be chronic. In this case, it is associated with chronic inflammation (tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.), trauma (intubation, tracheotomy, etc.), compression of the trachea (tumor mass, ganglion, etc.), the presence of a foreign body or a benign or malignant tracheal tumour.

Natural treatments for tracheitis

The right things to do

To find sleep more easily, remember to humidify your room and raise your pillows.

On the other hand, it is best to quit smoking if you suffer from tracheitis. Indeed, cigarettes are an aggravating factor. Also avoid passive smoking or exposure to toxic fumes.

Prevention of tracheitis in case of allergy

If tracheitis occurs in a context of allergy, adopt its good reflexes:

  • shower and wash your hair before going to bed;
  • do not leave your clothes inside the room in order to improve nocturnal symptoms.

aromatherapy: essential oils that calm coughs

The use of aromatherapy can be an effective natural solution. Depending on your cough, if it is dry or oily, take these essential oils:

  • cypress essential oil from Provence is recommended in case of dry cough. Orally, take one drop in a teaspoon of honey, three times a day. You can use the natural product in massage (5 drops diluted in 1 ml of vegetable oil) by applying to the chest and upper back, two to three times a day;
  • and in case of a wet cough, turn to HE of noble laurel and niaouli. In massage, apply a few drops mixed with macadamia vegetable oil on the chest and upper back, up to three times a day.
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Cough herbal teas

In the herbal medicine section, there are infusions that are particularly suitable for combating untimely coughs.

In case of dry cough, use mallow, white broth and linden. All of these natural remedies help soothe throat irritation because they have a soothing action.

And if you suffer from a wet cough, use ivy. It has antispasmodic and expectorant properties.

Whatever the natural product chosen, always proceed in the same way. Infuse the plants for about ten minutes. Then, filter and drink regularly, with or without honey.


Homeopathic treatments are recommended to soothe an irritated throat and calm the cough.

For dry coughs, there is Bryonia alba 4 CH (3 granules, 3 or 4 times a day). And if the cough redoubles because of the cold air, use Tumex crispus 5 CH (3 granules, 3 times a day).

In case of bouts of spasmodic dry coughs, there is Corallium rubrum 5 CH (3 granules, 3 times a day). And if they are accompanied by fever, use Belladonna 4 CH (3 granules, 2 to 4 times a day). Finally, if the cough occurs especially at night when you are lying down, turn to Drosera rotundifolia 7 CH (3 granules, 3 to 4 times a day).

And for oily coughs, consider Pulsatilla 5 CH (5 times a day).

Although natural, all of these remedies may have contraindications. Before using one of these solutions, always ask your pharmacist for advice.

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