Self-confidence: how to do it?

Without being really shy or reserved, one can lack self-confidence. Do you avoid the other person’s gaze or turn your head away when someone is talking to you? There are solutions to gain self-confidence and face others without fear of being judged. Assert yourself in your personal and emotional life as well as at work. We tell you everything about the lack of self-confidence: what is it really? And how to be confident in everyday life?

What is lack of self-confidence?

Widespread in all social classes and intergenerational, lack of self-confidence can quickly turn into a handicap. Anyone can be confronted with it one day in their life, on an ad hoc or regular basis.

Lack of self-confidence can affect both love and professional life. This evil affects all spheres. This is a blockage. The lack of self-confidence diffuses limiting thoughts that prevent us from acting as we would like.

This manifests in fears that may seem irrational, or in inhibitions when the lack of self-confidence is entrenched.

Where does the lack of self-confidence come from?

Difficult to clearly establish the origin of the lack of insurance. Shortcomings in childhood, accidents in life… Some people react positively to the vagaries of life by knowing how to bounce back, and others withdraw into themselves.

Generally, the lack of confidence is easily noticeable in a person. Indeed, people who lack self-confidence find it difficult to open up and wait to be put in confidence to discuss freely. Most often, people who devalue themselves remain in the background and prefer to be silent to let the other speak. They position themselves more in active listening.

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Those who suffer from a lack of confidence are afraid of criticism and self-doubt. This feeling of inferiority makes them feel misunderstood by others, and sometimes unloved.

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How to get insurance?

Are you afraid to face the gaze of others for fear of judgment? Don’t be passive. On the contrary, assert yourself by transforming your negative thoughts into positive energy.

The first thing to do to overcome your lack of confidence is to reach out to others! Force yourself to go out, go where you are sure to meet people (concert, theme party, etc.). In the queues, do not be afraid of contact. Talk to people who seem likeable to you. First exchange a few innocuous words before engaging in a more mature conversation. To make people want to go to you, smile!

To make friends, join a sports club or cultural association. Doing something outside of work will help you feel better about yourself and your mind. You will also meet people with the same interests. Perfect for making friends!

If this seems insurmountable to you, encourage yourself! Use the Coué method by practicing positive thinking.

To achieve this, set goals that are completely achievable. When you achieve a set goal, congratulate yourself! Being proud of yourself remains essential to increase your self-esteem.

If you have great difficulty reaching out to others, and if your illness really handicaps you in your daily life, consult a specialist. A psychologist can support you in your approach by choosing the therapy best suited to your situation. Don’t be left alone with your doubts and negative thoughts!

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