How to detect the presence of bed bugs at home?

Bed bugs are increasingly invading our homes. These little insects bite you at night, sometimes with effects on your health. It is first necessary to recognize the presence of bed bugs. Even if there are various ways to get rid of them, only the call to professionals will often be able to detect and eliminate these stubborn insects.

Detect the presence of bedbugs

If bedbugs have taken up residence in your home, certain facts will warn you. First of all, you notice red marks on your skin. They are often grouped together and may look like a small pimple or a thin patch. It is not always easy to distinguish them from mosquito bites.

It’s because these insects, which usually live under the mattress or box spring, come out at night to feed on your blood. You feel nothing at first, then severe itching occurs. Bedbugs do not transmit disease but can cause skin irritation.

They also leave, on your sheets, small blackish residues, which are in fact their droppings. You also notice small streaks of blood on your bed. It’s yours, ingested by bedbugs you crushed in your sleep.

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Very efficient dogs

Apart from these symptoms, it is not easy to spot these insects, which are active only at night.

Recently, another way, much more effective, has proven itself. It consists of using sniffer dogs, trained to detect the presence of bedbugs. To be sure to flush out the insects from their lair, it is therefore advisable to use the services of a specialist in canine detection of bed bugs.

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Animals are trained by trained dog handlers. Master and animal always work together. Daily training helps to refine the animal’s sense of smell. Thanks to this powerful flair, the dog recognizes the olfactory trace of insects. Each time, the infested area is identified. At the end of the route, all the places in the room where the bedbugs are lodged are recognized.

The sniffer dog is therefore used to detect insect lairs. But its role does not end there. At the end of the treatment, his flair will be used to check that all identified areas have been cleared of intruders.

Fast and economical, this detection system also makes it possible, through its precision, to limit the quantities of insecticide used to eradicate bed bugs.

Essential precautions

Some preventive precautions can prevent bed bugs from settling and spreading under your roof. Do not stack objects, which could provide so many hiding places for bedbugs. This is also the case with dirty laundry.

If you bring home second-hand clothes or objects, check their condition carefully. As a precaution, treat them with a steam cleaner. Also, don’t forget to clean your bedding thoroughly.

Other precautions should be taken when moving. If you’re using a company, make sure the truck has been cleaned appropriately and all your textiles are sealed in airtight plastic bags. Also check that the boxes are free of cracks or gaps through which thumbtacks could slip.

How to eliminate bedbugs?

If they have already invaded your home, there are tips to get rid of your bedbugs.

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Begin by vacuuming the infested areas. You must not neglect any nook or forget to apply the device between the floorboards and on the slightest interstice. Because bedbugs can stay alive inside the bag, seal it tightly and dispose of them outside.

However, they cannot withstand high temperatures. Therefore, proper washing of your laundry, in a machine or steam, can eradicate bedbugs. In some cases, intense cold can produce the same effect.

Also, be sure to transport infested furniture to an appropriate location, where it will be destroyed. Another very simple trick is to coat the legs of the bed with petroleum jelly. It won’t get rid of the bedbugs, but it will at least prevent them from climbing up to you.

Before considering the use of conventional insecticides, you can apply diatomaceous earth in the places concerned. This natural insecticide, based on algae, can be effective, but its use requires certain precautions.

If all these means have failed, then chemical treatment should be considered. The technical and delicate nature of this operation requires the intervention of a professional to carry it out.

Typically, technicians use a sprayer, which spreads the product in areas where bedbugs are likely to hide. The product can also be diffused by fumigation. A second intervention is often necessary to eliminate the bedbug eggs.

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