The guide to buying bulk compost: info and practical advice

Praised for its ecological and economic advantages, compost is the new privileged ally of gardeners, amateurs as well as professionals. Resulting from a natural process, it makes it possible to recover waste and is very effective in enriching and structuring soils. But although it is possible to produce it yourself, for many, the best way to get hold of it is still to buy it, in bags or in bulk. In the rest of this article, we will focus more specifically on the second option. Where to buy bulk compost? At what price ? Follow the leader.

Buy bulk compost: how it works ?

As with other materials, the purchase of bulk compost corresponds to a delivery method in which the compost is not wrapped.

Purchase of compost: what are the possible delivery methods?

In general, three main delivery methods are offered by compost vendors:

  • In bag: this is the mode for which most individuals opt. Here, the compost is generally sold by the kilo, in bags that can contain up to 20 kilos of matter each;
  • In big bag: as their name suggests, big bags are large bags that can accommodate several tens of kilos of materials;
  • In bulk: This is the preferred mode for purchases of large volumes. It generally concerns orders from professionals. The minimum quantity required for this delivery method may vary depending on the seller, but is generallyat least a few tons.
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Methods specific to the purchase of bulk compost

In practice, if you want to buy bulk compost, the seller may offer you one of the following options:

  • Deliver the compost to the location indicated using a carrier truck equipped with a tailgate for unloading. In this case, it is important to read the delivery conditions carefully before committing;
  • The drive. If you choose this option, it is your responsibility to have a vehicle (pick-up, trailer, flatbed truck, etc.) moved to the point of sale in order to collect the compost, then deliver it to the location of your choice. A weighbridge is usually installed on the site in order to charge you for the exact weight of compost loaded. As for the logistics for loading, they are handled by the seller.

Where to buy bulk compost?

As you probably know, it is possible to produce your own compost. However, if you need large quantities, you may need to find a good source of supply. For this, the ideal is to orient yourself towards:

  • Large garden centers;
  • Specialized garden centers.

Some companies specializing in waste recovery also sell compost in bulk. A search on the Internet can quickly find these sellers. You can then order your compost and pay directly online.

buy bulk compost

How much does bulk compost cost?

Logically enough, the price of bulk compost is not fixed. It varies according to the type of compost concerned. Depending on the supplier, invoicing is then carried out by the liter or by the kilo. On average, you should plan for approximately:

  • 0.1 to 0.25 € per liter for basic compost;
  • 0.115 € / kg or around 70 € / cubic meter.
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Of course, these prices are only indicative and can therefore vary a lot from one merchant to another. In addition, it is important to take into account the possible costs associated with the delivery. Depending on the mode chosen and the distance to be traveled, the cost of delivery can indeed be significantly impacted. As with any other product, take the time to compare the prices before buying.

How much compost to buy?

How much bulk compost you need depends, of course, on the size of your plantations. However, as an indication, it is recommended not to exceed a proportion of 40% of the soil in place. The incorporation of the compost must then be done to a depth of 5 to 10 cm.

To define the ideal proportion of compost to incorporate, the ideal is to know beforehand the content of your soil in organic matter. Depending on the nature of the soil and the type of plants, the need can then be adjusted.

When to buy bulk compost for your plantation?

You can buy compost in bulk all year to enrich the soil of your plantations. However, for more efficiency, the ideal is tobuy semi-ripe compost at the start of winter. It will thus be able to continue its maturation in a natural environment during the following months. In spring, on the other hand, compost that has already reached maturity is preferable.

Finally, regarding the composition, it is recommended to choose a standardized compost NFU 44-051. This standard guarantees that the elements that make up the material meet a certain number of ecological criteria and respect the nature of the soil.

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