What are the best brands of swimming pool equipment?

Have you just had a swimming pool installed and you want to buy some equipment that will facilitate its maintenance? With the many brands available on the market, finding the ones that offer the best pool equipment can sometimes be a real obstacle course. Let’s find out about the best brands of swimming pool equipment.


The Zodiac brand offers intelligent electric robots, hydraulic robots and pressure robots for the maintenance of swimming pools. It also manufactures room dehumidifiers for small pools. This equipment is available in a built-in version and in a ducted version.

For maintenance of your pond, you will find swimming pool equipment of any brand on specialized distribution and spare parts platforms. In addition to the products already mentioned, salt chlorinators, pH and chlorine regulators, electric heaters are other essential swimming pool equipment available from Zodiac.


Polaris owes its fame to the unparalleled performance of these pulsing robots. They take care of the hydraulic pressure cleaning of swimming pools by sucking up dirt from the bottom of the water and pouring it into a filter bag. This cleaning is done using high pressure water supplied by an electric booster.

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Hayward mainly offers accessories for the maintenance of your swimming pool. You will find in the catalog of this manufacturer robots, projectors, swimming pool pumps, filters, sealing parts… All these equipment and accessories are of high quality, easy to use and have a good lifespan.

Astral Pool

The Astral Pool brand offers a fairly complete range of swimming pool equipment and materials. At Astral Pool we find flexible cable glands, level regulators, mini spotlights with niche, delivery outlets for liner pools… You will also find kits for sealing concrete and liner.

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Formidra is a benchmark brand in the design of solar showers for swimming pools. This manufacturer sells a range of Unique solar showers with 100% natural heating. Made with recyclable materials (HDPE or aluminum), the column of these showers can provide water up to 60 ° C. Among the references in its catalog, some models have a foot rinse.


With 60 years of experience, the Albiges brand is today a leader in the manufacture of custom pool covers and blinds. It carries out:

  • pool covers and bar covers,
  • wintering covers for wooden swimming pools, semi-buried …
  • systems powered by the rolltrot reel …

You will also find at Albiges protective skid kits for bar tarpaulins, rolltrot adapters with 13/15 edge …


CCEI is a brand that manufactures a wide range of electric pool heaters, electrical boxes, LED lighting, water treatment systems, robot cleaners … You will find at this manufacturer LED projectors, UVc sterilization equipment, as well as multifunction boxes to automate the operation of the swimming pool. Telemechanical 1A / 1.6A circuit breakers, connected floating water analyzers and original electrolysis cells are also available.

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