What color for a boy’s room?

Whatever the boy’s age, a little color in his room is welcome. Parents remain tempted to put a blue paint in the sleeping area of ​​their toddler. But there are other masculine shades for a child’s room. Follow our decorating advice on wall covering. What color for a boy’s room? Discover our answer, without halftones.

What color for a boy’s room? Blue, of cours !

Blue remains a great classic in a boy’s bedroom. It is the most popular color to decorate the sleeping area of ​​a male child. And this, whatever his age.

However, blue, although a safe bet, has little originality. Fortunately, to stand out all you have to do is choose a particular shade of blue. In this area, there are a multitude of them.

Light blue is still the order of the day in a baby boy’s room. This tone is soft and soothing, ideal for getting to sleep.

And in a bigger child’s room, you can dare to use bright blue, but only on a section of the wall. The other walls must be painted in a light color (white, ecru, beige, etc.).

As for the teenager’s bedroom, it can easily have a midnight blue paint on the wall. Moreover, the color is perfect with a US decoration.

The other tip for adding relief to a blue boy’s room is to play with the furniture (vintage desk, for example) or the floor covering. To give character to the room and break the atmosphere too wise, opt for light parquet. And for the cozy atmosphere, bet on the fluffy carpet. Perfect when baby wants to crawl on all fours.

Finally, last tip, if you have chosen blue as the flagship color in your child’s room, you can easily associate it with white and / or gray. The marriage between blue and green is also proving to be trendy. However, in order not to darken the room, it is better to opt for light furniture.

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Alternative to blue: green for a boy’s room?

Green is a perfect color for a bedroom. Like blue, it is a restful shade, perfect for relaxing and getting to sleep. In addition, the shade brings a natural touch of the warmest in a boy’s room.

If your child loves this color, why not adopt the total green look in their bedroom? However, to prevent the shade from overwhelming the room, it is advisable to mix the shade with white. This will bring brightness and contrast to the bedroom. And you will avoid the hunting or fishing theme if you choose khaki green.

And in a baby boy’s room? Green is also suitable, but on the condition of adopting a lighter shade such as anise green. So you will get a peaceful atmosphere. Accompany the tone with pastel colors so that the bedroom is restful for an infant.

Can we use purple as a color for a boy’s room?

Less boyish than blue, purple can however be used in a girl’s or boy’s bedroom. The shade is much less feminine than pink.

In a young child’s bedroom, shades of purple and purple make the space soft and welcoming. So that the whole exudes freshness, associate the colors with the white.

For older children and teenagers, more intense purples like eggplant are quite possible as a color for a boy’s room. Moreover, this shade can fit into a pop atmosphere.

Sand-colored walls for a boy

More original than white, the soapy beige color is suitable for a boy’s room. The atmosphere will then be soft and full of charm. It also changes from the blue, which is slightly lacking in character.

The sand tones are particularly trendy whether on the wall as a painting or as furniture and accessories. In addition, you can easily associate this paint with dark or light furniture.

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And if it’s a teenager’s bedroom, a few touches of leather will add a touch of sophistication to the whole. On the other hand, shades of red and green also work wonderfully with sand-colored paint.

What cheerful color in a boy’s room?

As a color for a boy’s room, it is possible to opt for red, orange or yellow. But on condition that these warm colors are used sparingly. Forget the total look because your child could have insomnia attacks.

Thus, a dynamic color can be combined with a sober shade to create a graphic space within the room. A strong yellow can be combined with gray and white to obtain a luminous result. Choose light furniture so that the whole remains harmonious. Orange, a dynamic color, can also be subtly invited into a boy’s bedroom, in association with white or gray.

Finally, black and red form a shocking duo in an older boy’s bedroom. The stimulating color will be found on decorative elements (cushions, for example) to contrast with the black, in an elegant way.

What color for a boy’s room according to the light?

Ask yourself the question « what color for a boy’s room? » », It is also taking into account the natural light of the room.

Indeed, if the light is lacking, it is better to rely on colors nudes on the walls for the comfort of the child. The room must be a haven of peace that encourages rest. Choose pastel shades, beige, very light blue, white and its different tones. On the other hand, it is better to discard dark colors which will darken the room even more.

Conversely, if the light is omnipresent, you can allow yourself a section of wall colored in dark shades. It could be a brown or a deep green, for example. Thus, these tones will attenuate the too bright atmosphere which could dazzle your child. And to darken the room with elegance, it is also advisable to have some accessories in strong colors.

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Choose the best furniture for a child’s room

Whether your child is a girl or a boy, in any case, you will have to decorate it in a way pretty one and comfortable so that your child feels good there and that his room rhymes with pleasure. And yes, most of the time to decorate the bedrooms children, it is easier to opt for basic wooden furniture that everyone buys. But now, furnishing a child’s room with everything on the market is no longer such a hard business.

Buy original and customizable furniture

In fact, for a few years now, interior decoration for children has been a huge success, they have been given a lot more room to express their tastes in their rooms. And this is a good thing. Indeed, it is important to choose pretty furniture that will be necessary for the development and at happiness of your child.

No more basic furniture offered by major brands, now opt for furniture colorful, flashy, decorated, originals and especially custommisables thanks to the sites offered on the blog.

Whether it is a desk (which is a very important element of the child’s room from the first day of school), games, dressers or even a bed, these elements are very important and must constitute at least the main space in the room. of your boy or girl. These are pieces of furniture that can be easily found in smaller stores on the internet in order to facilitate the purchase.

And yes, these sites are guaranteed to be secure, reliable and trouble-free thanks to a secure payment method and an efficient and responsive after-sales service. Do not hesitate any longer for your furniture and go directly to these websites. Pleasing your child has never been so easy.

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