Which mattress to choose?

Do you sleep badly? Do you get up with a back pain that does not go away? It’s time to change your mattress and renew your bedding. But are you wondering which mattress to choose? We give you some information to help you choose your mattress.

It’s not just a mattress! There are many models, all made of different materials and using specific technology. The right selection of material and technology adapted to your sleeping habits is essential to give you the support your body needs.

the criteria for choosing a mattress

Which mattress according to your bed base?

A mattress does not necessarily always go well with the bed base already installed in your home. The foam mattress, for example, is not at all suitable with a box spring. The constraints are not the same, and the foam is likely to deteriorate rapidly under the independent movements of the springs. The foam mattress is therefore rather recommended for association with a slatted base. The box spring is rather intended to marry with a spring mattress.

If you sleep together, but your spouse bothers you by moving, separate bedding with electric beds that operate independently, for example, can come to your rescue, but you must opt ​​for mattresses adapted to this type of bed. Each of the sleepers can choose the type of mattress they prefer, with different comfort.

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The foam mattress

This type of mattress is often the most accessible. It is light and is available in various densities, which will determine the type of reception: firm, medium or flexible. The density is between 25 and 60 kg/m3. What we appreciate in the foam mattress is that it is comfortable and that’it adapts perfectly to all body types.

The spring mattress

Opt for a pocket spring mattress if you want a quality mattress. It provides real support and is perfectly ventilated to wick away perspiration. Pocket springs are independent one and the other. Thus, when two people sleep on the same mattress, they move freely without interfering with the other.

The latex mattress

There is latex of natural or synthetic origin. Natural latex is made up of at least 85% natural material, made up of the sap of rubber trees. It is naturally hypoallergenic and offers good ventilation and wicks away moisture easily. Synthetic latex is less expensive, but will tend to retain moisture produced by the body overnight.

What welcome for what comfort?

Determine the kind of welcome and comfort you want for your mattress. It is as much a matter of taste as it is of morphological profiles which have varied needs. Take into account the weight of your body, the position you take when you sleep, your height, but also the pains that you need relief. The greater the weight and size, the more it will be necessary to move towards a firm mattress. Small, light people or children need a softer and less firm reception.

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Do not hesitate to seek advice from a bedding expert to choose your mattress!

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