Demoss a roof: how to proceed?

A house requires a lot of maintenance, especially from an exterior point of view. The roof, for example, must be kept in good condition to avoid problems with waterproofing. Among the operations to be carried out regularly, there is roof moss removal, which consists of removing moss and lichen. How to go about it ? Can you do it yourself or do you have to go through a specialized company? How much does it cost to defoam a roof? We tell you everything about this delicate but accessible operation!

Roof moss removal: what is it about ?

Roof removal is an operation that consists of removing the moss from the roof. This limits the problems of rainwater infiltration and sealing.

This is often a tedious but necessary operation. Indeed, it also makes it possible to check the condition of the roof and the frame. In addition, defoaming must be carried out regularly. It is an inexpensive and effective treatment to be carried out yourself or by a professional.

Why do you need to demoss your roof?

Cleaning or having your roof cleaned is important for several reasons:

  • first, it is a matter of preserving the properties of the materials. Under the prolonged effect of moss and lichen, the tiles can indeed become porous. Weakened, they are less resistant to cold and frost;
  • on the other hand, the absence of cleaning leads to the appearance of fungi and mold;
  • and the effects of pollution can also have a negative impact on your roof. Indeed, smoke and acid rain contribute to the degradation of protective coatings;
  • then, the presence of foam can eventually lead to sealing problems;
  • finally, the foam is particularly unsightly from an aesthetic point of view. This denotes a lack of general maintenance of the house.
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When to do it and how often to take care of your roof?

A moss removal operation must be carried out as soon as the first moss, lichen and algae appear. It is recommended to carry out a preventive moss removal and to apply a water repellent every three to five years, depending on the material of the cover. This avoids sealing problems.

Advice : it is better to carry out regular roof moss removal rather than complete renovation, which represents a much larger investment. Especially since if you do nothing, the foam will allow a better grip on all germs and pollen. And the condition of your cover will get worse faster.

Solutions for removing moss from your roof

do it yourself

To practice roof moss removal in the rules of the art, you will need the following equipment:

  • a roof ladder, especially if the roof is slate because you cannot walk on it;
  • stiff brushes to remove lichens;
  • a bucket of water equipped with a hook to fix it on the roof ladder;
  • a high-pressure cleaner to be used at low pressure so as not to damage the tiles;
  • a manual garden sprayer that has been perfectly rinsed beforehand;
  • protective equipment (safety glasses, mask and gloves) because most anti-foam products are toxic;
  • a safety harness to guard against the risk of falling;
  • and of course, an algaecide, a fungicide and an anti-moss product to treat your roof.

Once properly equipped, you will need to follow the steps for removing moss from a roof:

  • remove moss, leaves and other plant debris from the gutters;
  • use a very stiff brush and water to brush off the black marks and moss on the roof. Insist on short and very hard plants;
  • then, rinse with the high-pressure cleaner;
  • then spray the algaecide, fungicide and anti-moss product on the roof. Apply the product starting from the ridge of the roof and down towards the gutter. Make sure the layers are even;
  • repeat the operation if the roof is really very dirty.
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Be careful, especially do not use bleach when you clean your roof because you risk discoloring the cover. On the other hand, look closely at the weather because it is absolutely necessary to avoid climbing on the roof in case of rain or wind.

Hire a specialist company

Demossing a roof remains an operation accessible to an individual, especially when the roof is flat and at a minimum height. However, it is better to use a qualified company. Roofing craftsmen have all the equipment required to demoss a roof in the best conditions.

On the other hand, the products that specialist companies use are perfectly suited to the material of your roof. And the professional will be able to recognize any problems (presence of harmful insects, broken tiles, for example). Indeed, establishing an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your roof remains quite complicated to do yourself because some problems are difficult to detect.

roof moss removal cost

By a craftsman

The price of roof moss removal varies according to several criteria:

  • the rates of the craftsman;
  • the region where your house is located;
  • the number of square meters to be treated;
  • the type of tiles and other materials;
  • the shape of the roof (flat, slightly or very steep);
  • the general condition of the roofing materials;
  • Finally, the more delicate the operation, the higher the price.

But generally, count about 2000€ TTC the moss removal of a roof. Without water-repellent treatment, the average price is between €6 and €15 per m². And with water-repellent treatment, the price range varies between 12 and 20€ per m².

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By his own means

If you do the moss removal on your own, you will need 20 liters of product for 100 m² of roof. You will find fungicide at around €1.50 per litre.

You will also need to buy or rent equipment. For information, a roof ladder costs between 100 and 200€ and a pressure washer between 300 and 650€ to buy (between 30 and 40€ per day to rent).

Finally, you will also need to plan up to two full working days to clean the roof.

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