How to insure a car quickly?

In France, any car must be insured. It is mandatory. The fact of driving without insurance is a serious offense which constitutes an offense which can lead to the suspension of the driving license and the confiscation of the vehicle. How to insure a car quickly?

Buy insurance online

Need immediate car insurance? Nothing could be simpler, just take out insurance online. For that, it is possible to use a comparator and to play the competition. To have a precise idea of ​​the amount of insurance, it will be necessary to specify which car is to be insured, the use that will be made of it, the profile of the insured and any claims. This tool will allow you to compare prices, guarantees, general conditions, deductibles, etc.

The documents required for online insurance are the driver’s license, the registration document of the vehicle concerned, documents relating to the insurance history if there is any. Once the application has been accepted, all that remains is to make the first payment, generally corresponding to one or two months of contributions, to be able to drive with complete peace of mind.

Online insurance is possible for a driver wishing to change company to benefit from cheaper insurance, for a young driver who has just obtained his driving license, for a motorist who has been canceled from his insurance because of non-payment or loss, or for a driver affected by a penalty. With online auto insurance, the costs are reduced because there are no agency fees. This solution therefore makes it possible to reduce the amount of his insurance.

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A significant time saving

Insuring a car online gives you the possibility of having your contract and the insurance certificate very quickly in just a few clicks. Indeed, these documents are sent by email to allow the insured to drive immediately. The final certificate is then sent by post once all the documents have been sent. This avoids going to an agency or sending documents by post and therefore saves time. In the event of a problem in finalizing the subscription, an advisor is available to help the insured with their formalities. This professional will also be able to answer various questions.

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The different types of insurance

Several types of insurance are possible. Liability coverage, better known as third party insurance, is the minimum legal insurance. It covers bodily injury and material damage that the insured may cause to a third party but only in the event of a responsible accident. The damage suffered by the insured is not covered in the event of a claim.

Comprehensive insurance is the contract that offers the best coverage. It is the most comprehensive guarantee which covers both damage caused by the insured and damage caused by a third party. The contract generally includes a guarantee against theft, fire, breakage of glass… This insurance is a guarantee of peace of mind.

Third party plus insurance is the compromise between the two previous insurances. This is third party insurance but with additional guarantees. This insurance is personalized, the insured can add options according to his needs. Be careful, because the more the insured adds options, the higher the insurance price will be.

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Finally, auto insurance per kilometer adapts to the insured. It is based on third party or all risk insurance contracts and includes various options. The insured can take out insurance based on the number of kilometers traveled. This is a mileage package that should not be exceeded. This insurance is interesting for small rollers because it allows savings. On the other hand, it is very important to respect this kilometer limit, because, in the event of a claim, the company may demand penalties or refuse to cover any costs.

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