How to protect your home from major disasters?

Fires, water damage, burglaries, so many frequent disasters that tarnish our daily lives when we are a victim. Although we cannot fully guard against it, a few preventive measures can still reduce the risks and better protect your home. Find out how to easily protect your home from the main disasters of everyday life.

Prevent household fires

In France, a fire breaks out on average every two minutes, or more than 200,000 fires per year and nearly 300 deaths. A faulty electrical appliance, a badly extinguished candle or an unmaintained heating system, all of which can trigger a home fire in a few minutes.

Frequent domestic accidents with often dramatic consequences that can be avoided by making your home as safe as possible:

  • Maintain your heating devices: maintenance of your boiler is compulsory and must be done every year, just like the sweeping of your chimney;
  • Do not overload your electrical outlets to avoid overheating and do not cascade multiple sockets;
  • Do not leave the kitchen unattended while cooking and clean your oven, hood or gas stove regularly;
  • Be careful when smoking and avoid smoking in your bed or on the sofa;
  • Do not leave young children alone in your home unattended.

In addition to the rules of caution, do not forget to install smoke detectors in your home! This device has been mandatory since 2010 and allows you to be quickly alerted in the event of a fire.

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Avoid water damage

A loose seal, a crack in the facade or even a faulty pipe and water damage is guaranteed! Very frequent claims that can cause significant damage to your home and generate sometimes considerable repair costs.

So how do you avoid this type of incident? It’s simple, you have to be careful! Regularly monitor the condition of your taps and joints in your sanitary facilities, observe the facade of your home to see if it has visible cracks and protect your pipes exposed to frost in winter, for example. Another important point: turn off the water inlets when you are away from home for a long time, especially during holidays.

Also, watch your water bills: an unusually high bill can be indicative of a leaking pipe. Fortunately, promising innovations are developing to prevent these glitches. We can cite the neo-insurance Luko which is currently working on a protection technology to protect against water damage. How it works ? It’s simple, a connected device is positioned on your water supply and warns you as soon as it detects a water leak. We can’t wait to see it.

Protect yourself from burglaries

In France, there are on average 600,000 burglaries per year, or about 1 burglary every minute according to the Ministry of the Interior. Edifying figures, especially since 90% of burglaries take place when residents are not at their homes. It is therefore important to protect yourself from burglaries, by equipping your home with security devices that will slow down or deter thugs.

Among the most effective security devices are alarm systems. An alarm system is made up of shock and opening sensors, which will be triggered when an intruder enters the surveillance zone. The strength of the alarm is usually enough to scare off the burglar.

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In addition to the security devices, you can also register for the “Tranquillité Vacances” operation so that the police are informed of your absence and carry out regular patrols, or else call on the “Voisins Vigilants” device, which allows the establishment of a increased vigilance between neighbors of the same neighborhood. So many services available to citizens that allow them to leave with more peace of mind!

The connected home at the service of the insured

Being alerted remotely and in real time via your smartphone of what is happening in your home when you are at work, this is what home automation allows today, which serves the security of homes.

Many connected devices protect your home from major disasters, such as water damage, fires or even burglaries. A connected home is today a better protected home, since these systems drastically reduce the risks and consequences of these disasters. This should help lower insurance premiums!

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