Astrology: Baby Pisces

Astrological portrait of baby Pisces

The true hallmark of a Pisces is a sensitive personality. This means your little Pisces will be in tune with your emotional state. If you notice that your child’s mood often mirrors your own, that’s your baby Pisces showing his intuitive emotions. It also implies that when it comes to discipline, a stern look is often enough for your little Pisces to understand your annoyance.

The other side of the coin is that when it comes to disagreements, it stings a lot more! Over time, your baby Pisces may find that standing a little out of the way of situations makes things easier and prevents getting too attached or hurt. A little support and understanding can help bring your Pisces out of their shell.

The children of Pisces sign have a great imagination – so much so that you might think he spends a lot of time lying. The good news is that it’s usually not malicious: Pisces shares their unique view of the world. Pisces children are natural storytellers, so encourage their creativity while trying to separate fact from fiction.

Pisces are gentle souls who often see only the best in the people they meet. This can quickly lead them to trust in their lives. While trust in others isn’t usually a bad thing, it can cause problems when Pisces comes into contact with people with bad intentions. Give your baby Pisces space to grow, but even if he’s sure everything is fine, trust your intuition if you think someone is trying to hurt him.

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Pisces is sensitive and takes everything to heart. Because he believes in others so much, when things go wrong, it’s hard for him to blame anyone but himself. Try to coax your Pisces into talking about their feelings and let them know you love them no matter what.

Once a Pisces finds something they love, they will usually be fully focused on it. If your little Pisces has a particular toy that he absolutely must have with him, it’s in his astrological nature. As he ages, his focus will likely serve him well in his chosen field.

Your Pisces baby expects perfection. While this can be a good character trait, it can also harm his sensitive soul when his idealism leads him to envision unrealistic outcomes. As a parent, you need to be tuned into your Pisces’ feelings when things don’t go their way. Indeed, when you expect perfection, the reality can often be difficult to manage. Spending the afternoon dreaming of an ideal world may be Pisces’ favorite pastime. As long as you make sure he doesn’t run away from his problems, daydreaming is a fun and healthy way to deal with disappointment.

Baby Pisces: instructions for use


    • Pisces is theatrical: he likes to be on stage, to sing, to dance and to wear costumes.

    • If he spends too much time with adults, baby Pisces may tend to become a loner. Socialize your baby Pisces early so they learn to fit in with a group of children.

Raising tips for parents of a Pisces baby

    • Having clear and consistent rules helps baby Pisces feel secure and directed in the world. Set up “Family Rules” that your child can memorize and repeat. Be firm about the instructions, and don’t forget them yourself or your Pisces will lose all confidence in you.

    • Pisces are very compassionate and can try to parent their parents. If you are upset, your Pisces will run to comfort you. Be in charge of your emotions, so your Pisces doesn’t have to grow up early.

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