How to save money on your car insurance?

With soaring fuel prices, your car budget has certainly increased in recent months. There are several solutions to remedy this: reducing the amount of your car insurance premium, while remaining well protected in the event of a claim, is one of them. We explain how to do it.

Car Insurance : What the law says ?

Article L211-1 of the Insurance Code stipulates that any owner of a motor vehicle circulating in France must take out car insurance, at least with regard to civil liability.

When you take out an auto insurance contract, you have the choice between two types of contracts:

  • Third-party insurance: this is the minimum guarantee that you can take out (also called « Civil Liability Insurance »), it covers damage that your car may cause to another vehicle, to a passenger, another driver or a pedestrian for example. On the other hand, as the driver of the vehicle, you are not covered for the damage that you personally suffer if your liability is engaged;
  • All-risk insurance: this consists of mandatory third-party insurance, to which are added other additional guarantees such as glass breakage, collision damage, theft, fire, etc. Unlike third-party insurance, you will be personally covered in the event of a claim, even if you are at fault.

To be well protected in the event of a claim, it is often recommended to take out all-risk insurance, however, the options and guarantees are diverse and varied and it is not always easy to find your way around.

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What solution to save money?

In a context of soaring prices, reducing your car budget has become essential. Did you know that there is a simple solution to save money on your car insurance? By taking out additional car insurance, for example.

A complementary car works like a complementary health insurance, but for your car. Like your complementary health insurance, which covers costs not covered by health insurance, a complementary car covers costs not covered by your main car insurance.

For example: if you are the victim of an act of vandalism on your car, one of your doors has been damaged and the cost of the repairs amounts to €400, two situations are then possible:

  • If you are insured with third parties: your insurer does not cover you, so your complementary car will take over and pay the €400 for repairs;
  • If you are insured against all risks: your insurer covers you but subject to an excess remaining to be paid after compensation. Assuming that this deductible amounts to €300, your 1st tier insurer will then reimburse you €100 and it is your supplementary car that will pay you the additional €300.

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How to reduce your car insurance premium?

Reducing your car insurance premium is very simple:

  • First, carefully study your current car insurance contract and in particular the price of your guarantees, optional options and the amount of your deductibles;
  • Take out complementary car insurance that will be able to take over from your 1st level insurance, such as the Roole complementary car insurance, for example;
  • Finally, optimize your car insurance contract: remove all the guarantees and options already present in your complementary car contract and increase the amount of your deductibles for claims covered by your complementary insurance in order to reduce the amount of your premium insurance.
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