Leisure term insurance: HobbiSure by Allianz

HobbiSure by Allianz: temporary leisure insurance

Being perfectly insured and protected during your leisure time, even when you plan your activity the day before for the next day, is possible. To meet this need, Allianz France has launched on the market a brand new temporary insurance accessible exclusively on mobile: HobbiSure by Allianz.

HobbiSure by Allianz: What is that ?

HobbiSure by Allianz is temporary leisure insurance. This insurance is based on a simple concept: being able to take out temporary insurance, anytime and from anywhere, to be effectively protected during leisure and sporting activities.

It thus stands out as a useful product that can be adapted to the needs of users. In just a few minutes, it is possible to take out insurance for one or more days for a single and affordable price. The user is thus covered in the event of injury.

HobbiSure by Allianz ideally complements the subscriber’s complementary health insurance. In the event of accidents, costs that are not covered, or not fully covered, by social security or mutual insurance may be covered by HobbiSure.

HobbiSure by Allianz is a complete offer which also covers parapharmacy and alternative medicine expenses, as well as certain reimbursements of optical and dental expenses.

Assistance services are also included in HobbiSure insurance by Allianz, such as repatriation of the vehicle, taxi between the hospital and the subscriber’s home, home help, home delivery of medication, etc.

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Why take out term insurance?

If we rarely think about it, injuries and accidents related to leisure, sports activities, but also DIY or moving are nevertheless common. For example, it is estimated that approximately 300,000 incidents take place each year in France following DIY work: cuts, burns, falls… there is no shortage of risks, even when you are an experienced handyman. Other activities, just as innocuous in appearance, can be ruined by a simple accident and the consequences that flow from it.

In the event of an incident, the amounts to be paid can amount to several hundred euros, sometimes even more. In comparison, the price of temporary insurance like HobbiSure is relatively low: less than €3 per day!

By taking out temporary insurance, you cover yourself effectively and can carry out all your activities with peace of mind: cycling, DIY, running, gardening, moving, etc.

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Benefits of HobbiSure by Allianz

HobbiSure Leisure Term Insurance by Allianz has many benefits:

  • The insurance is à la carte: you subscribe when you need it, for the duration you need;
  • It can be activated 100% on mobile and the process only takes a few moments; you can thus insure yourself from any place;
  • The single rate is very advantageous: only €2.95 per day;
  • Up to 5 days of consecutive coverage;
  • Possibility of subscribing and canceling membership in advance or at the last moment, up to one day before the effective date of cover;
  • No unpleasant surprises, all the details of the cover and services offered are clearly indicated at the time of subscription;
  • You can choose from over a hundred activities.
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How to take out temporary insurance with Allianz France?

The operation of HobbiSure has been designed to be easy to access, simple to understand and to use.

Have you planned a leisure activity? Use your smartphone and go to the HobbiSure by Allianz website. Thanks to PWA (Progressive Web App) technology, you don’t have to go to an application store, everything is done directly online. Create your account in just a few clicks: all you have to do is select your activity from a hundred proposals, choose the number of days of protection you want (up to 5 consecutive days), the date concerned, then validate.

Another advantage of HobbiSure is its great adaptability: you can take out insurance several days in advance if your activity is anticipated, and cancel if necessary up to one day before the start of the guarantee. If, on the other hand, your activity is completely unforeseen, as is sometimes the case during the holidays, you can in a few clicks take out insurance up to the day before.

In the event of a claim or accident, simply return to HobbiSure to file a claim. Again, it’s very simple, just click on the declaration button and follow the instructions.

With HobbiSure, Allianz France provides the greatest number of people with effective coverage that can be adapted to everyone’s needs. It’s a very simple idea that fills a real gap in the personal insurance sector.

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