Car insurance: 5 tips and more to save money

The price of car insurance increases a little more each year. For 2022, an average increase of around 0.5% to 1% was thus recorded. However, it is quite possible to go against this trend by lowering the amount of your car insurance premium while benefiting from adequate coverage.

For this, here are the tips and tricks that are really effective.

Consider your driver profile

The price of car insurance depends mainly on the choice of insurer and the guarantees taken out. However, the driver profile also has a major impact on the determination of this tariff.

In order to reduce the amount of your auto insurance premiums based on this criterion, all you have to do is:

  • Adapt the contract as much as possible to your driver profile: third-party insurance is, for example, more than enough if you are an occasional driver with a low-value vehicle;
  • Drive flawlessly to take advantage of the bonus-malus system that rewards good drivers;
  • Choose insurance per kilometer if you do less than 8,000 km per year.

In addition, in the event of a change of vehicle, take into account that its value has an impact on the guarantees and on the amount of the insurance premiums.

Remove unnecessary warranties

The guarantees offered by auto insurance contracts must meet the specific needs of policyholders. However, these contracts often contain additional guarantees that are not necessarily necessary, and they do have a cost.

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The additional guarantees of car insurance often constitute considerable losses, since they are never used in the majority of cases.

To achieve savings at this level, clearly define your needs beforehand and only choose the useful guarantees on this basis. In addition, do not hesitate to scrutinize the contract of your current car insurance to identify any guarantees that would no longer be useful.

In addition, some insurers such as Direct Assurance include certain guarantees free of charge in all formulas. Take the opportunity to benefit from optimal coverage without paying more.

Choose car insurance online to reduce the price of contributions

Unlike traditional car insurers, online car insurance companies do not have network of physical agencies. Their management costs are then much lower and this affects the amounts of contributions.

You will thus realize interesting savings by subscribing to a car insurance online. This solution also has the advantage of being done directly on the Internet, without intermediary and without commission.

In practice, it offers 20-30% off compared to conventional car insurance for equivalent coverage. However, be sure to find out about the seriousness of the online insurer you are talking to.

Car insurance savings

Compare car insurance contracts

Two auto insurance contracts that include the same coverage and guarantees can be offered to different prices from one insurer to another. In order to find the cheapest offer, the ideal is therefore to take the time to compare offers before subscribing.

In this context, the ideal is to use the services of a online comparator are more efficient. These online tools allow you to perform simulations and obtain online car insurance quotes from several insurers. They thus offer a quick view of offers and market prices. Thanks to the various filters offered, you can then make precise comparisons in order to make the right choice.

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Another advantage of these tools: they are completely free and without obligation. You can therefore perform as many simulations as you wish before deciding to contact the insurers that interest you.

Renegotiate with your insurer

Throughout its duration, it is generally possible to renegotiate a contract car insurance to save money.

To do this, contact your insurer by mail or make an appointment at one of its agencies. As arguments, use elements of comparison with other insurance contracts.

If the negotiations for the renegotiation of the contract do not succeed, thanks to the Hamon lawyou can cancel your car insurance after one year of subscription.

Some additional tips

Many other tips can help you save money on the amount of your auto insurance premium. Experts recommend exploring the following avenues in particular:

  • Subscribe to accompanied driving as a young driver;
  • Consolidate your insurance contracts with the same insurer to obtain discounts;
  • Pay your insurance premium annually to benefit from a reduction ranging from 5 to 8%;
  • Avoid declaring small claims to lower your contribution with the bonus-malus;
  • Install safety devices.

In conclusion, despite the surge in car insurance prices, it is quite possible to activate various levers to protect yourself and lower the amount of these contributions.

Removing unnecessary guarantees, analyzing the driver profile, online car insurers and comparing offers are some possible measures to take for this purpose. Do not hesitate to try a renegotiation with your current insurer before considering a change of service provider.

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