Personal injury lawyer: when to use it and where to find one?

Following a serious accident, a physical attack or an attack, all victims must benefit from the assistance and advice of various professionals. Alongside doctors, police officers and insurers, the personal injury lawyer is one of those whose support is very useful.

But how do you find this legal professional? How to choose one to defend your interests well? In which cases is its intervention recommended or necessary?

When should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

The intervention of a personal injury lawyer is recommended when you or someone close to you has suffered significant sequelae following one or more of the following or similar claims:

  • Road accident ;
  • Work accident ;
  • Assault ;
  • Sports accident;
  • Medical accident;
  • Attack, etc.

The services of this legal specialist are also useful in cases of disputes with an insurer on the amount of compensation offered following minor damage. He then offers his advice on the different stages of the compensation procedure to follow, starting with the medical expertise.

He explains to his client the procedure to follow and details him his rights. Within the framework of an amicable procedure, he also ensures the representation of the latter.

If the amicable settlement fails, the personal injury lawyer can seize, on behalf of his client, the competent court and accompany him in the legal proceedings to recover their rights.

Why should you be accompanied by a personal injury lawyer?

Out of ignorance or for financial considerations, most victims of road accidents and other bodily injury claims deal directly with their insurer.

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This is actually a big mistake! Indeed, in these situations, a personal injury lawyer is your best ally.

This professional’s mission is to ensure that you will receive compensation that actually corresponds to the physical and mental damage suffered.

He is subject to a code of ethics which imposes on it obligations such as respect for professional secrecy, transparency and delicacy. His sole objective being to defend the interests of his client, his advice is therefore totally disinterested.

Moreover, in the event that he commits a fault or negligence which causes his client to lose compensation, it has a financial guarantee which covers his professional liability. In other words, if malpractice is proven, you will still receive your compensation.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

How to choose a personal injury lawyer?

When choosing a personal injury lawyer, do not rely solely on their reputation and presentation. Instead, consider the following criteria to make an objective choice:

The course and the methodology

It is essential to make sure that the personal injury lawyer you are talking to is not a novice. Preferably contact an experienced lawyer who has already under his belt a significant number of resolved bodily injury cases.

Once this parameter has been verified, do not hesitate to ask the lawyer you are interested in about:

  • The approach he plans to put in place in the context of your file;
  • The person who will take care of your file: is it the lawyer himself or one of his collaborators;
  • The various members of the team: the experts in bodily injury and the medical advisors in particular.
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The fees

The fees of a personal injury lawyer depend on several factors such as his notorietyhis experience or even the complexity of your case. A good professional will inform you from the first contact of his billing method (flat rate or hourly rate).

To get to the bottom of it, ask for quote directly online so compare before choosing.

Be careful, however, not to fall into the trap of lawyers offering fees that are clearly too low. Your file could be sloppy…

A personal injury lawyer near you

The ideal is to choose a lawyer close to your home in order to limit any travel and application costs. To do this, simply perform a search in a online lawyer directory specifying your city of residence.

However, if you cannot find a personal injury lawyer in your city, do not give up on getting help. Opt for a professional from another city, giving priority to exchanges by telephone or e-mail. This will allow you to limit the additional costs.

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