What is a home insurance claim?

A disaster can be defined as a catastrophic event resulting in considerable losses both human and material. Legally, it is defined as damage that entails compensation. In insurance, it is mentioned as an uncertain event, because there is no certainty as to its occurrence.

From fire claims to automobile claims, there are a variety of them, we will look, in general, at home claims in order to answer all possible questions on the subject.

What is a home insurance claim?

the home disaster can manifest itself in different forms, it can be violent wind or fire, even theft or even water damage. It concerns any uncertain event that can harm your home.

In a housing contract, two categories can be provided for:

  • Claims where the resident is a victim
  • Claims where the resident is responsible.

In both cases, your insurer compensates, because if you are victims, it will pay you compensation, but if you are responsible, it will compensate anyone who has suffered the damage you have caused.

What should be done in the event of a home accident?

It all depends on the type of disaster, because each one has different consequences and the situation must therefore be managed accordingly.

As soon as there is a problem such as theft, you will have to call the responsible authorities, namely the police, to take charge of the rest of the investigation and provide you with a report to present to your home insurance.

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If it is a case of fire, you will have to call the firefighters urgently to extinguish the disaster and determine the source of it, which will then be of use to you with your insurance. Either way, don’t touch anything! On the other hand, if this is the case of water damage, you will have to try to locate the source as quickly as possible, or even close the water inlet tap and warn the neighbors of any damage.

Contact your insurance advisor for more details.

How do I report a home claim?

If a disaster occurs, it is imperative to contact your insurers in order to prevent them. Remember to prepare for the insurance and the expert, all the documents likely to be used in the observation and/or assessment of the damage.

As for the procedure to be followed for the declaration, it is necessary to refer to the insurance contract which contains the details.

In the event of theft, the procedure must imperatively begin at the police station or the gendarmerie, because they must be contacted first. Then, take your insurance contract and contact the insurance company or broker who manages your contracts.
The deadline for making the declaration varies, depending on the nature of the claim, in the case of theft, the deadline is two days and for a natural disaster, it is ten days. In general, you have five working days, following the claim, to make your declaration to the insurance. If you were not able to notice the loss until after it occurred, it is this date that will be counted.

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Find home insurance with the best guarantees

It is essential to have home insurance with good guarantees, whether you are an owner or a tenant. A disaster always happens at the worst time and if you are not insured, you risk losing a lot of valuables without possible compensation. It is therefore necessary to find a good insurer who will offer you good guarantees, and above all at an advantageous rate. We recommend that you turn to Axa insurance, which is one of the best on the market.

Their level of guarantee is excellent. And it will be possible to take many additional options if you want to be more protected. This will at least cover your civil liability and the main risks in a home. And you will be covered whether you are responsible for the damage, for example an inadvertent fire, or a victim. This can be the case with bad weather or a flood.

The different guarantees of home insurance

A multi-risk home insurance will cover you in the event of water damage. It will compensate you for all the consequences of a water leak, a rupture of a pipe or an infiltration.not. It will also compensate you in the event of a storm, a heavy snowfall, a flood or even a thunderstorm. All damage caused by bad weather will be covered.

It is also possible to be compensated for theft and vandalism, or even broken glass. In these cases, these guarantees will have to be taken as an option. Remember to take a good picture of your valuables and keep receipts for everything you own, which it will be important to cover well. This will allow insurance to better cover you and you will be able to justify your claims for compensation more easily.

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