Home insurance: why should it evolve with you?

In France, the number of home claims recorded each year is in the millions. The damage caused also costs thousands of euros. As occupants are generally unable to cover them, they rely on home insurance. To be effective, it must be flexible and offer them optimal coverage in the event of a claim, without costing them a fortune. Home insurance must therefore offer tailor-made guarantees. Do you plan to protect your home against specific risks? Find out why your insurance needs to evolve with you.

How to take out tailor-made home insurance?

There are as many home insurance companies as there are formulas, some more advantageous than others. However, not all insurers are equal and few are those who provide coverage that evolves with you. For these reasons, find out about home insurance and select the one that offers the most flexibility in order to effectively protect your home and your property.

Note also that many options are available to you for taking out your home insurance. Indeed, most insurers now offer their online services and allow you to carry out the entire subscription procedure from a connected device (phone, tablet, computer). This allows you to have a multitude of offers and compare them to choose those with more flexibility. Insurance comparators are also very useful for this purpose and allow you to have a multitude of offers adapted to your needs in a few minutes.

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Check if you can change your home insurance coverage

Whether you own or rent, home insurance is a way to cover against damage which could occur on your accommodation and all that it comprises. It allows you to be compensated in the event of claims, depending on the extent of the damage. In return, you agree to pay a regular contribution to your insurer. The amount of this is generally fixed according to several parameters concerning your accommodation.

The will to renegotiate the clauses of this home insurance may start from a desire to reduce your premiums or to have more protection. Either way, having insurance that grows with you is a great option.

We are talking about modifying the protection when it comes to reviewing the conditions of cover offered to you by your insurer. This concerns the reconsideration of the limit of compensation in the event of a claim. This possibility must be granted to you by the clauses of your insurance when subscription. This will make it easier for you to review the terms of protection at any time. However, it is not always easy to find a company that allows you to change the terms of coverage.

Home insurance, renegotiate coverage

What are the basic guarantees included in home insurance?

Most home insurance contracts offer basic guarantees to policyholders at the time of subscription. These cover the most frequent risks. Thus, for a basic formula, you can benefit from protection adapted to them.

Civil liability guarantee (RC)

It is mandatory when you are rented or co-owned and it covers damage caused to a third party in the event of an accident occurring in your home.

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The fire guarantee

This protects you against unintentional fires that may occur in the home. It can also be modified to include options, for more protection.

Water damage warranty

This is one of the most common claims in France. This guarantee is therefore systematically integrated into the basic formula. However, it is possible to add specific clauses in the event of flooding, infiltration of facades or rupture of pipes.

Theft guarantee, burglary and vandalism

This warranty is more than necessary for homes, but to take advantage of it, you must respect security measures imposed by the insurer.

Glass breakage warranty

She pays you back repair costs when your windows are shattered after a projectile or a break-in attempt.

The bad weather guarantee

This guarantee is taken out to protect you in the event of flooding, drought, landslides, avalanches and hail.

It should be noted that apart from the RC guarantee, no other is compulsory. This gives you the possibility to delete them or add specific options in case of additional needs. For example, you can withdraw your bad weather guarantee when you move to a high-risk area, since it does not cover natural disasters.

In addition, there are other additional options that you can add to your basic formula, depending on your protection needs. It is then a question of contacting your insurer regularly to notify him of the changes made to your house (arrival of a new member, construction of a swimming pool, completion of renovation work, etc.). This will allow you to modulate your insurance contract and adapt it to your needs when necessary.

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