The average price of young driver car insurance

Have you just obtained your driving license and want to insure your vehicle? Discover all the subtleties to know in terms of auto insurance. What obligations are young drivers subject to? And what are the prices for car insurance? Also discover tips for paying less when you are a young driver.

What is young driver insurance?

The concept of « young driver » remains subjective because it is not established in the Highway Code or in the Insurance Code.

However, companies offer insurance for young drivers. In practice, motorists are considered as such possessing a driving license for less than 3 yearsso inexperienced.

However, other profiles can be considered as young drivers:

  • people who have never driven a vehicle insured in their name;
  • those who have exclusively driven a company vehicle without being named driver on the insurance contract;
  • motorists who have retaken the theoretical and practical tests after having had their driving license revoked.

Please note that some insurance companies refuse to insure novice drivers, especially if they drive powerful engines. Insurers sometimes impose a maximum real power of the car.

On the other hand, insurers apply a surcharge to insure young drivers (article A.335-9-1 of the Insurance Code). To qualify, the driver must insure his own vehicle or the parents must add their child to their car insurance contract.

The additional premium can go up to 100% of the basic contribution but it decreases over time, provided there are no accidents en route. Then, it disappears completely at the end of the probationary period (3 years).

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What are the obligations of a young driver?

Young drivers are subject to the same obligations as other drivers. They must take out car insurance in order to be covered in the event of an accident.

Besides car insurance, young drivers must also comply with certain rules. For three years, they have a probationary license (article L.223-1 of the Highway Code) which only has six points instead of twelve. After three years, if the young driver has committed no offence, the capital of points is increased to twelve.

In the event of an offense during the probationary period, the driver may have his license invalidated if all the points are withdrawn.

Traffic violations include speed limits. Young drivers must respect maximum speeds lower than those of other drivers:

  • 110 km/h on motorways;
  • 100 km/h on two-lane roads separated by a central reservation;
  • 80 km/h on two-way roads without a central separator.

Finally, the novice driver must affix a disc A (approved sticker) on the rear window of his vehicle for three years.

What is the average price of young driver insurance?

A young license will pay for his car insurance more expensive than a lambda driver. To reduce the bill, he can however opt for a less expensive formula. Third-party insurance and auto insurance per kilometer prove to be more financially advantageous, especially if the young driver does little driving on a daily basis or has a low-value vehicle.

To pay less, the young driver can also be declared as a secondary driver on the contract of his parents. However, this solution only prevails if the young motorist uses the car occasionally, and not as the main driver.

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Regarding the average price of young driver insurance, you should know that it varies depending on the car (new or used) as well as the region of France.

A young license who wants third party insurance for your used car (a Renault Clio 3, for example) will have to pay between 200 and 270 euros per month depending on their city of residence. If the car is newcount more than double, between 500 and 650 euros about.

How to lower the cost of your car insurance?

Auto insurance is a significant cost when you are a young driver. Indeed, insurance companies believe that a young driver who necessarily lacks experience is more likely to have or create an accident. However, there are some simple tricks to lower the amount of the contribution.

Opt for a used vehicle

When you have just had your license, you may be tempted to buy a new vehicle. It is strongly advised to get your hands on a used vehicle. This will ensure it to third parties and in addition, to be well protected, you will take out some additional guarantees. It is an effective solution to lower the budget of your car insurance.

Minimize displacement

Another key element to save money: the power of the vehicle. The more powerful your car, the higher the amount of your contribution will be. And this is even more true if you opt for a new car. In addition, owning a powerful car can increase risk-taking and cause significant damage. So for your wallet and also for your safety, choose a vehicle that is not too powerful to start with.

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Insure yourself as a secondary driver

If you only drive occasionally, it is interesting that your parents or your spouse, for example, designate you, on their contract, as a secondary driver.

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