How to choose and use CBD oil?

Today cbd oil in France is a dietary supplement whose many properties ensure an increasingly spectacular success. CBD oil is a natural product made from the extraction of cannabidiol, one of the compounds of the industrial cannabis plant. Unlike THC, cannabidiol is not not a psychoactive compound and does not cause any side effects, which explains the interest of scientific research on it.
Its use by a growing number of people aims to treat or relieve a large number of ailments and symptoms.
So what are the various fields of application for CBD oil? How to choose the right product in order to benefit optimally from its different properties? what dosage to adopt when administering it and according to what indications to dose CBD oil in the absence of a medical notice? Finally, in what form does CBD oil come and how to use this product according to the needs or the context?

All these questions that you are certainly asking yourself about CBD oil will find their answers as you read the following article, which gives you a complete overview of this product.

The extent of the scope of CBD oil?

The possibilities for using CBD oil are many and varied. Generally it is used orally, locally or in vaporization in the following cases:

  • Various types of inflammatory or muscle pain
  • Internal system imbalance
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Sleeping troubles
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dermatological pathologies
  • Epilepsy
  • Psychic disorders (TOCS, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression)
  • High-level sports training
  • Excess cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Addiction to tobacco or alcohol

How to choose the right CBD oil?

To choose the best CBD oil, several important criteria should first be taken into account: the origin, the brand of the product, the cultivation and production procedures. Also, buy your oil from a reliable brand and favor its quality rather than its price, even very low, which is very far from representing a guarantee of quality. Buying your oil on the Lab Shop website gives you access to a range of quality and carefully selected products.

The CBD and THC levels of CBD oil

Preferably use an oil containing the highest level of CBD, which will allow you to make more economical use of the product, the concentration of which can also be improved by adding CBD crystals to the oil.

Be vigilant about the fakes and scams that are legion on the food supplement market and make sure that the rate advertised on the bottle of the product is real by relying on its price. Indeed, if there is too great a price difference between two products announcing the same level of CBD, it is very likely that the cheapest is a counterfeit.

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Moreover, for legal reasons and to avoid undesirable psychoactive effects of drunkenness or excessive excitement, the level of THC assigned to the oil must be very much lower than 0.2%.

Finally, if you still have any doubts about the quality of the product and about the CBD and THC levels listed on the label, simply analyze it yourself using a test kit. to buy in the laboratory and which will allow you to see the CBD and THC levels of the product.

European and organic cultivation of the hemp from which the product is extracted

To achieve the production of a quality CBD oil, the industrial hemp from which it is extracted must be grown in Europe, in accordance with organic farming practices to obtain an oil without fungi, pesticides or heavy metals, extremely harmful to health. The conditions of manufacture of the oil must also be irreproachable to be sure to consume a high quality product, also, avoid products displaying a high rate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are carcinogenic substances toxic to the body. . In summary, avoid non-organic CBD oils whose source is suspect or not specified and favor products whose quality is certified by reliable and recent analyzes from an independent laboratory and that the producer must be imperatively able to deliver.

Present panel of all cannabinoids in CBD oil

To respect the entourage effect allowing the synergy of molecules and cannabinoids and to optimize the effectiveness of the product, your CBD oil must contain traces of other cannabinoids as well as the aromatic molecules or terpenes of hemp.

Cbd oil dosage: how to dose CBD oil?

Precisely estimating the appropriate dosage of CBD oil is a delicate undertaking because it depends on the weight and the pathology of each one, CBD having the effect of restoring the balance of an internal system specific to each individual: the system endocannabinoid. Moreover, CBD, considered a food supplement, is not regulated by any official body, so there is no single cbd oil dosage.

Generally, it is advisable to administer 0.5 mg of CBD per Kg in three doses in the attack phase of the treatment. Ideally, this starting dosage will be gradually increased after a minimum of one week in order to assess the improvements of the product on the patient’s condition and to find the most suitable dosage for the situation.

On average, the most effective treatment is around 50 mg maximum of CBD per day. In addition, it may happen that one is not receptive to the therapeutic effects of CBD, also, beyond 150 mg of CBD daily without improvement of the initial state, it is advisable not to persist and to abandon treatment.

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Finally, if consuming CBD oil does not cause undesirable side effects, regardless of the dose ingested, it is strongly advised not to absorb too much of the product in a single dose. Indeed, not only would the effectiveness of CBD be altered, but its biphasic properties would lead to effects contrary to those expected in the event of excessive intake.

There is certainly no lethal dose of CBD, but it is useless and counterproductive to take large amounts all at once.

Use of CBD oil: how to consume it?

CBD oil comes in the form of drops, capsules or can be vaporized.

CBD oil drops

CBD oil in drops can be used in several ways: orally, locally or integrated into preparations. Effectively dosing the product in its drops version for oral use requires knowing how many mg are the drops of CBD oil, which depends on its concentration.

Knowing that one mg of CBD oil is approximately equivalent to 20 drops, the equivalences are as follows

For a 4% CBD oil, the dosage will be 2 mg of CBD for 1 drop
For a 5% CBD oil, the dosage will be 2.5 mg of CBD for 1 drop
For a 10% CBD oil, the dosage will be 5 mg of CBD for 1 drop
For a 20% CBD oil, the dosage will be 10 mg of CBD for 1 drop
For a 24% CBD oil, the dosage will be 12 mg of CBD for 1 drop

Once the correct dosage is determined in line with your problem to be solved, you can consume CBD oil in several ways

In sublingual mode

The most successful method of use for consuming CBD oil is the sublingual application which consists of depositing the drops of the product under the tongue and swallowing it after ten seconds in order to promote its rapid action and assimilation. Sublingual absorption is particularly effective, however CBD oil does not have a pleasant taste and its bitterness is not tolerated by everyone.

In oral mode in combination with food or drink

If the unpleasant taste of CBD really displeases you too much, you can also mix CBD oil with a drink, yogurt or put the drops of product on a sugar to ingest them, which will make its absorption less unpleasant but which, on the other hand , will also delay its action and make its assimilation less effective. This mode of use is also less economical since you will have to consume a lot more CBD oil to achieve the results you would have enjoyed by absorbing this product via sublingual application.

CBD oil in topical mode: local use in massage

CBD oil can also be used locally in massage on tired, diseased (osteoarthritis, fybriomalgia, arthritis) or sore muscles, on the hair by adding a few drops in the shampoo or mask or directly on the skin. It can also be used for tired and irritated eyes or diluted in mouthwash to treat mouth ulcers and blisters or strengthen tooth enamel and gums.

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Finally, you should know that there are special preparations of CBD oils on the market which, added to natural molecules and substances, can adapt even more specifically to the particular disorders of each person. Also, for example, CBD oil will act in synergy with melatonin against sleep disorders or CBD oil with turmeric will apply to the treatment of inflammatory pain.

CBD oil in capsules

CBD oil also comes in the form of capsules made of fish gelatin and CBD. The advantages of this presentation are obvious:

  • CBD oil does not require any calculation for its dosage and the product is thus ready to be consumed.
  • CBD oil capsules have no taste and are easy to ingest, unlike CBD oil in drops whose bitter and unpleasant taste is rather dissuasive.
  • They are easy to assimilate and do not degrade under the effect of digestion which guarantees an effect and optimized results.

CBD oil, in this version, is sold in a glass bottle generally containing around sixty capsules to be consumed once or twice a day with a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal in order to quickly benefit from the effects of CBD. on your health.

CBD oil in vaporizer or vaporizer

CBD oil can also be used as a nicotine replacement through vaping. This requires the use of a suitable electronic cigarette. The cannabidiol is then assimilated by the respiratory tract and by the cells thanks to the inhalation of the steam. Nevertheless, this use of CBD oil, even if it is possible, is still composed of lipids whose harmful effect on the lungs in the long term cannot be completely ruled out. Also, it is more advisable for this use of CBD, to use it rather in the form of e-liquid, or crystals, which are more suitable.

Reading this article now allows you to select, according to quality criteria, your CBD oil from the wide range of offers on the market and to know how to dose it and use it according to your needs or the points to be treated in order to get the best results. It is now up to you to make your choice among the different presentations of CBD oil according to your personal preferences and the relevance of the treatment to be carried out.
Now that you know everything about CBD oil, know that cannabidiol also exists in different and complementary forms: in the form of more concentrated CBD paste, or crystals, which can be vaporized or added to the oil to increase its concentration.

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