How to choose home insurance for your home?

Insuring your accommodation is compulsory. Choosing the right comprehensive home insurance ensures the safety of the house, but also of his family and his property in the event of a disaster. It must therefore be selected with care and attention. Some guarantees are essential while others depend in particular on the composition of the home or the equipment present in the home. How to choose home insurance for your home?

Things to know before purchasing home insurance

The home insurance contract must meet the needs of the subscriber. It is important to compare several insurers before making your choice. To find the most suitable contract, you have to pay attention to the amounts of the different deductibles. These are the amounts that remain chargeable in the event of a claim. They have very variable amounts depending on the contracts and the insurers. You must also take into account the guarantees included and not included in the contract.

At the same time, the exclusions of guarantees must be scrupulously studied. These are the situations for which no compensation is provided from your insurance. This can be water damage due to negligence, bodily injury caused between members of the same family, damage linked to a fire in connection with gunshots, etc. In the event of a claim, the damage covered by the contract. insurance are subject to compensation ceilings. This means that there is a cap and it cannot be exceeded, regardless of the value of the damaged goods.

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In the event of a claim, the waiting periods may vary. Before choosing home insurance, this period must be taken into account, which corresponds to the period between the date of subscription of the contract and its entry into force. Finally, the compensation methods after a disaster are very important. They define whether the compensation will be assessed on the value of the new good or if its value will be lowered according to wear and tear. This is something to take into account before choosing home insurance for your home.

Insurance premium

The insurance premium is just as essential. It corresponds to the amount of insurance that will have to be paid to be covered. The ideal is to choose the most advantageous premium for your budget without neglecting the degree of protection in the event of a claim. Insurance offering advantageous rates may be attractive, but the coverage offered in exchange may be too light. To be sure to have good coverage by your insurance contract, it is essential to read the general and specific conditions before signing.

Certain criteria will have an impact on the amount of contributions. Living in a risk area will increase the amount of the premium. Likewise if the subscriber has already suffered claims. The type of accommodation (apartment or house) and its area will change the total amount of the premium. The larger the accommodation, the more expensive it will be to insure. On the other hand, actions make it possible to lower contributions. For example, installing an alarm to protect your home, grouping together several contracts with the same insurer or even warning them of any renovation work. To be properly insured, it is very important to declare any equipment that has value (jewelry, high-tech equipment, tools, etc.). They will be covered in the event of a claim. But as a result, the premium amount will be higher.

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It is possible to adapt your home insurance according to the accommodation. These are optional options that are added to the initial contract. Among those available: household appliance, hail, swimming pool, garden guarantee or even legal protection. They provide better housing protection but increase the amount of contributions.

Use an online comparator

Not all insurances on the market are created equal. Prices may vary, sometimes from single to double. To choose the right home insurance, it is recommended to use an online comparator. Among these sites, we find Habitat Land: expert in cheap home insurance. It allows you to compare home insurance contracts and quotes in just 2 minutes.

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