Top 5 benefits of military insurance

Due to the specificities of their profession, soldiers are exposed to various risks on a daily basis in the exercise of their profession. In order to protect themselves effectively and to guarantee the future of their family, insurance companies now offer military insurance formulas specially adapted to these very particular profiles.

For these men in uniform, this type of contract offers several specific advantages. Here are 5:

Tariffs specifically adapted to the military

One of the main advantages of military insurance is that it takes into account the specific situation of men in uniform in terms of underwriting. Whether it’s a car, home, provident or health policy, the amount of the premium is determined taking into account the salary scales of these civil servants.

For example, in terms of auto insurance, security professionals can subscribe to traditional coverage such as civil liability or comprehensive insurance. However, in the event of departure on mission, a reduction in the amount of contributions may be considered.

This adjustment of the amount of the premiums may also concern insured vehicles parked in a military compound. Here, the contract exclusively covers the risks to which the car is exposed in the absence of its owner.

Specific guarantees

The exercise of the martial professions involves first-rate exposure to many risks, with physical consequences, but also psychological ones. In addition to the risk of injury and death, cases of post-traumatic stress and severe depression are unfortunately also part of the realities of the profession.

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With a view to supporting them as well as possible in the event of the occurrence of these perils, military insurance contracts therefore include various exclusive guarantees for men in uniform. Depending on the most recurrent threats, the latter can therefore really adapt their contract to their profile.

Similarly, when taking out home insurance, for example, some formulas take into account the specificities of nomadism that often characterizes military careers. For this, the guarantees offered may include the protection of the insured’s equipment and personal belongings in the event of theft, water damage or fire in his home while he resides in the barracks or while on training. .

Reduced monthly premiums

Purchasing military insurance allows men in uniform to benefit better premiums. Indeed, most of the time, organizations specializing in the protection of Defense and Security professions offer lower premium amounts than traditional insurance companies.

In addition, military insurance can come with a discount on monthly premiums. For example, a soldier under the age of 30 can benefit from a reduction of 10% each year under certain conditions. Some companies also offer a decrease of 10% for the purchase of military automobile insurance.

Military Insurance 2

Better protection during deployments

During a deployment, soldiers are exposed to more serious dangers. In the event of an accident, they may end up in temporary disability or permanent. Death can also occur. Unlike conventional health insurance, military insurance therefore offers better protection for men in uniform for these situations.

The tailor-made formulas offered in this context include, in particular, coverage of treatment costs abroad, as well as daily allowance in the event of a work stoppage. This indemnity generally corresponds to 75% of the gross remuneration declared by the professional

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Assistance for deployed families

Subscribing to military insurance also allows the families of men in uniform to benefit from certain advantages. It is in fact possible for the main insured to take out cover for provide financial security from his family.

In this context, the subscription to a death guarantee makes it possible to guarantee the payment of a capital to the children or spouse.

Specialized organizations also offer support services and psychological support for family members when leaving on a mission, for example. With military insurance, support for any incapacity linked to post-traumatic stress is also possible. This can be extended to family members.

Although it is not legally obligatory, taking out military insurance therefore appears to be an essential precaution to take. In order to take advantage of all its advantages, however, it is still necessary to choose the guarantees carefully and to take the time to read the terms of the contract before committing yourself.

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