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Banque Sabadell is one of the best-known financial institutions in Spain. It is also the only Iberian establishment that has a network of agencies dedicated to its foreign customers. If you are planning to live in Spain, discover Banco Sabadell’s complete offer in terms of banking services: accounts, credit cards, remote banking… Everything you need to know about the financial institution before open an account and become a customer!

Presentation of Bank Sabadell

Founded in 1881 in the Province of Barcelona, ​​Banque Sabadell is the fifth privately-owned banking group in Spain.

Banque Sabadell, which is dedicated to commercial banking, is made up of several entities: banks, brands, subsidiary companies, companies in the fields of finance… It has penetrated the market for companies and individuals with medium and high incomes in a considerable. More than 10,000 employees work in its 1,300 branches to support foreign residents and non-residents through a wide range of products and services tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals.

Listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, Banque Sabadell is also part of the Ibex 35 index. And geographically, the establishment is expanding. Present in London since 1978, he also settled in France in 1987, directing his activity towards the management of commercial relations between France and Spain.

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How do I open an account at my Banque Sabadell?

You may need to open an account with Banque Sabadell if you decide to reside in Spain to pay your bills, sign up and subscribe to certain services.

The documents to provide

To open an account at Banque Sabadell, you must present documents proving your identity.

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For residents:

  • if you are a national of the European Union, you will need a foreign identification number (NIE). To obtain it, you will have to apply for it at the nearest Prefecture;
  • if you are from a non-EU country, you will need to provide your TIE card. This is the foreigner’s identity card. It is claimed one month after your entry into the country or as soon as your residence permit is granted.

For non-residents:

Non-residents need their passport as well as their tax code in the country of origin (or TIN for Tax Identification Number).

To know : if you are in the process of establishing your residence permit, presenting your passport is sufficient to open an account as a non-resident. Other documents relating to your activity and financial capacity may be requested. And the students will have to present the card of their University.


To open an account at Banque Sabadell, you can contact the establishment on 902 323 000 (every day, continuously) or enter your telephone number to be called back by an advisor who will set you up an appointment at the branch: https ://

The establishment also has a Twitter account: @Sabadell_Help as well as an online reception (chat).

And you can also use the following tool to find an agency close to where you are: /Fr/

Banking services offered by Banque Sabadell

Key Account, the all-inclusive bank account

Key Account is a bank account specially designed to support you in your daily life in Spain. It contains financial services allowing:

  • to use a debit and credit card;
  • to withdraw money free of charge from Bank Sabadell ATMs;
  • issue transfers;
  • to have a bank check for a maximum amount of 300 euros;
  • to deposit checks in euros domiciled in a financial institution in Spain free of charge;
  • to have a free Visa Shopping Card.
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The Key Account offer also provides a translation service. The holder is then entitled to ten translations per year (text of 500 words maximum).

Other bank accounts

In addition to the all-inclusive Key Account bank account, Banque Sabadell offers:

  • the basic payment account for natural persons residing in the EU or enjoying asylum seeker status. It provides access to common payment services and transactions (EU transfers, direct debit of invoices, direct debits, issuance of a credit card, payment by card, remote banking);
  • the expansion account. This account has no management fees or account fees. It is used for direct debit of salary, retirement or regular expenses. And the Expansion account allows you to benefit from free debit or payment cards, a personal advisor, a 2% discount on fuel.

home banking

Home banking (or online banking service) is aimed at both individuals and businesses. The service allows you to consult and manage your accounts anywhere and continuously (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

On the other hand, home banking is available on multiple media: via your computer, via the Banque Sabadell application (to be downloaded on a digital tablet or smartphone) or by telephone on 902 343 999.

SMS alert service

The SMS alert service allows you to control your accounts and cards remotely. You will receive SMS in the following cases (to be configured according to your needs): issuing a transfer or payment of your salary, payment of your invoices, etc.

To note : the SMS alert service can also be configured for stock market transactions.

Bank cards

Banque Sabadell offers its customers several bank cards:

  • the BS Mastercard card for holders of the Expansion account. It allows you to pay for purchases and withdraw cash free of charge from the group’s ATMs;
  • the Visa Classic card (immediate or deferred debit). With this international card, pay for your purchases and withdraw money anywhere in the world. Attention, it is only available for holders of the Expansion account;
  • Gold Mastercard card offers the possibility of splitting a payment or deferring a liquidation. It also offers extensive travel insurance services;
  • the Shopping Visa card to pay the installments of your choice and pay for purchases with the smartphone if desired;
  • SinVisa card. Free and without account maintenance fees, it allows you to withdraw money and pay for your purchases in three months without interest. It also includes purchase protection insurance;
  • Platinum Mastercard. It has the most extensive services and cover (taxi, restaurant and travel reservations, assistance guarantees and reinforced insurance). And the Platinum Mastercard also offers high payment and withdrawal capacity.
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Other bank services

Banque Sabadell also offers services to meet the needs of its customers:

  • savings and investment products such as deposits and long-term savings plans;
  • insurance products covering people and property in the areas of health, home, auto, death, etc. ;
  • Investment Funds.

The rates

The rates for credit cards are as follows:

  • BS Mastercard: 30 euros;
  • Visa Classic card: 47 euros;
  • Gold Mastercard card: 90 euros;
  • Platinum Mastercard: 120 euros.

How to access your online account?

At the top right of the Banque Sabadell homepage, click on the button “Access BS Online”.

Then enter your user code (CNI) and your password to access your online customer account.

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