How to highlight a designer ceiling light?

The ceiling lamp plays an essential and central role in a room, because in addition to lighting, it also has a decorative asset. How to highlight it to dazzle your interior in every sense of the word? Where to place it? What size and shape to choose? Discover the answers.

Consider the size of the room to highlight your designer ceiling light

On specialized sites, you will have a wide choice of ceiling lights: geometric design ceiling light, with LED spot, rosette shape, rounded and flat, round or square ceiling light, gold and chrome, etc In order to find the design ceiling light model best suited to your room, take into account several criteria. In this regard, the size of the room to be lit is at the top of the list. A poorly adapted model in terms of dimensions risks being too imposing or too discreet.

If you want enhance your ceiling light, remember to measure the size of the room first:

  • a space of 10 to 15 m² requires a luminaire whose width is around 40 to 45 cm
  • a 50 cm wide ceiling lamp corresponds to a larger room of 20 m²
  • the models of XXL designer ceiling lights are intended for spacious rooms with an area greater than 20 m²

There are also small luminaires 30 cm wide which are intended for small spaces such as toilets and corridors for example.

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Picture Ceiling Lamp How

Fit well with the style

It is strongly recommended to suspend a designer ceiling lamp, whose color, shape and material perfectly match the style of your interior:

  • Depending on their models, spotlights give your interior a refined or industrial atmosphere.
  • As to copper or brass ceiling light, it is suitable for a contemporary look, however, take into consideration the color of the ceiling covering (a fairly dark paint could shade it).
  • Are you looking for a very soft and subtle glow at the same time? Let yourself be seduced by the glass models.
  • If the recessed model guarantees you a discreet effect, the cluster design ceiling lamp is ideal for decorating rooms with a maximalist style.
  • And finally, know that the chandelier ceiling fits both in living rooms and in the kitchen.

All of these styles of ceiling lights come in various designs. The main idea is to choose the shape that best matches your interior.

Properly position your designer ceiling light to highlight it

The choice of location is important, both decoratively and from a practical point of view. In order to obtain an even light, it is always recommended to place the ceiling light in the center of the room. Always ensure that the lighting reaches all points in the room. If some areas are poorly lit, consider adding other types of lights, or choosing a more favorable location.

On the other hand, if you replace your old ceiling light, you must keep the same place. Except in the case where you are ready to carry out renovation work.

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Note therefore that for highlight a designer ceiling light, you need to consider three main criteria. First, adapt the dimensions of the luminaire to those of the room. Then, match the style of the ceiling lamp to that of your interior in order to have a harmonious rendering. Finally, be sure to place your ceiling light so that it can illuminate the whole room well.

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