Which insurance comparator to choose in 2020?

New house ? New car ? You need good insurance to protect you and your property. But given that in terms of insurance there are many possibilities and that you absolutely must choose the best offer, the use of a comparator is nowadays an essential step in order not to crash. This article simply offers you to discover the 3 best insurance comparators. Compare and choose your insurance according to your needs, and this at the best price! Come on, let’s get started right away!

Best Insurance

To easily find an online insurance contract suited to your needs, trust bestinsurance.org.

  • This is a online insurance comparator totally free.

Its particularity is that it allows you to find the right insurance at the best price, for different needs.

  • dog-cat insurance,
  • Health insurance,
  • Home Insurance,
  • Car Insurance,
  • Motorcycle Insurance,
  • Life insurance,
  • Death insurance

The site offers many possibilities and depending on your needs and your profile, the site will allow you to find the insurance offer the most suitable for you and this at the best price guaranteed.


With more than 10 million users who already trust the site, lelynx.fr is one of the best insurance comparisons of the moment.

To begin with, this platform allows you to compare different types of insurance :

  • Car Insurance,
  • Motorcycle Insurance,
  • Home Insurance,
  • Health insurance,

In addition, the site is in contact with more than 50 partners in order to offer users the best offers at the best price.

With lelynx.fr, you can easily compare and save money on your insurance. In a few clicks, quickly compare all the insurance offers available on the market.

The site guarantees great impartiality in the search results. Plus, important warranty information is provided so you can make the right choice.

One of the particularities of the lelynx.fr site is that it has an ultra-simple mode of operation. Once the research has been done and the proposals made, you can then subscribe to the insurance contract that suits you best.

It is your responsibility to choose the subscription method you wish (directly online or by phone call with the insurance house).

In the second case, an insurer will call you to explain the steps to follow.

With Le Lynx, in addition to saving precious time, you save money, up to 325 euros / year on average.


To compare the different insurances and find the best offer at the best guaranteed price, lesfurets.com offers a tailor-made service. Thereby, regardless of the nature of the property you wish to insure (motorcycle, car, house, borrower insurance, mutual health insurance and others), you will be served up to your expectations.

By comparing your insurance on lesfurets.com, you are guaranteed that the offers made to you are best for your needs.

Indeed, with more than 100 partners, the site is responsible for finding the most reliable contracts and insurance companies to insure your property or your family.

In addition, the site’s search engine allows you to carry out a targeted search taking into account all your needs and constraints. Then, in all impartiality, proposals are made to you according to the criteria that you have communicated.

Once you have access to the ranking of offers, you can choose the insurance contract that suits you and subscribe directly onlineby phone call or by making a request for a detailed quote which will be sent to you by e-mail.

Because choosing the best insurance is not always easy, compare the different offers with one of the 3 insurance comparators offered above. They are reliable, secure and allow results to be obtained in complete impartiality.

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