5 tips for finding the right roommate

Flatsharing can be a wonderful adventure, but it can also easily turn sour if the necessary precautions are not taken. Sharing the same roof every day despite the personalities and behaviors of each is not natural and may require some effort.

If you also dream of a Spanish hostel, here are some simple but effective tips that can maximize your chances of finding the ideal roommate.

Limit the number of roommates

It is important to first think about how many people you want to engage with. A roommate for 2 has nothing to do with a roommate for 5 or 6, one or the other being suitable for different personalities. See if in your daily life you spend more time in pairs than in groups, this will illustrate your tendency.

Choosing the right roommate profile

Once the number of roommates has been chosen, it is absolutely necessary to take the time to choose the right person. So how do you go about it?

Nothing is more effective than spending time with the person. Reading 2 or 3 lines of introduction on an ad will not reveal the deep character of the person. On the other hand, talking to her can tell you more. So take the time to talk, around a good drink if necessary. Do not hesitate to ask him about his personal life, his personality, his qualities and his faults, without transforming the exchange into a professional interview. The main thing is to be relaxed and true, so as not to hide anything from yourself which could then constitute a bad surprise during life in shared accommodation.

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Set the rules from the start

Often, roommates turn out badly for the same reasons: cleaning, shopping, noise, etc… Tensions that can be avoided if from the outset, and even before moving in, the future roommates define the rules of common life.

We don’t all have the same approach to sharing household chores and the same level of tolerance for dirt. It is therefore important to express any sensitivity in this area when looking for roommates, and to make known your own opinion on the subject so as not to have any unpleasant surprises. Similarly for the sharing of expenses, very often a subject of contention, first propose your conditions to be sure that they correspond to the expectations of others.

Choose houses/apartments with common and private spaces

It is very important to preserve your privacy even in shared accommodation. Everyone needs to be alone sometimes, to isolate themselves to work, read, or other. It is therefore important to find a room in which you feel comfortable, with enough space to be able to spend time there sometimes. Similarly, favor the presence of a common living room to be able to share pleasant moments with your roommates.

Be in good standing with the agency/owner from the start

It’s tempting to do joint tenancies amicably, choosing not to put everyone on the lease. The best solution remains individual leases, but it is not always possible to operate one that way. If you sign a solidarity lease, make sure that everyone is in good standing and opt for automatic payment of the rent to avoid payment delays.

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