How to renovate your house yourself?

Planning the work, buying tools, deadlines… Before doing the work on your house yourself, find out about the mistakes to avoid. What skills do you need to have to renovate your house on your own? We tell you all about the basic information and the questions to ask yourself before starting construction work.

house work, questions to ask

Some jobs require a permission. This is the case, for example, for an extension or an opening. Construction sites also depend on very specific rules and laws defined in the Local Urbanism Plan. Always check with your town hall before starting work. Regarding the property itself, make sure that it is able to support all the work. Make sure the foundations are strong enough. Also check if the walls are load-bearing or not before drilling!

Carrying out work on your own in your home can sometimes be very dangerous. If you have little or no experience in heavy work, follow the standards and recommendations and, as a precaution, take out property damage insurance. Choose the people who will assist you in your work carefully. Don’t trust just anyone.

Be aware that some jobs require more skill than others. Everything that touches the structure of the house requires application. Insulation or poor plumbing can lead to additional costs. Installing an electrical system cannot be improvised. In the event of incorrect assembly, this can have serious consequences. Seek professional help if you are unsure.

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The question of a budget is also very important. Before starting the work, make sure you have a sufficient budget. Always estimate the amount of work taking into account certain parameters. Unlike a professional, you do not benefit, for example, from reduced prices from material suppliers.

Finally, renovating your house on your own is a time-consuming activity. Evaluate his working time is very difficult, but necessary. Living on a construction site during the work can quickly become hell, especially if the situation drags on.

Organization of housework

To start the work in the best conditions, it is important to think about the future organization of the House. To make this clear, your project must be finalized and costed. Accompany it with plans. Some plan software is free and offers 3D views with the interior architecture. Also calculate the lengths of cables, pipes, pipes. Do not leave anything to chance. In this kind of activity, precision is essential.

The organization of the site must follow a very specific order. Be thorough and logical. Do not demolish before having created the accesses, for example. Each phase of the site must be planned with the mandatory elements: details of the work to be carried out, date of intervention, materials and tools required. Establish an order of priority: which room of the house to renovate first? Consider your family situation. Start with the children’s room, for example. In the case of a two-storey house, start the work at the top and take care of the ground floor last.

Renovation, choice of materials and tools

Materials represent a major item of expenditure in the renovation of a house. Buy your materials without thinking about savings. Opting for low-end materials will lower your bill, but the overall quality of your home may suffer.

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Your materials can be purchased from a large DIY store, from a specialist or from individuals. In any case, check that the product meets your expectations and is in perfect condition.

Store your materials safe and secure. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturers in order to avoid any incident.

Possess of good tools allows you to work efficiently and move forward faster. Again, don’t go for the low end. Your tools must last over time. Need to use a tool very occasionally? Consider renting between individuals or from a professional rental company.

construction of a house, focus on safety!

Needless to say, on a construction site, there are many risks of accidents. To avoid them as much as possible, be rigorous in cleaning and evacuating waste on a regular basis.

When working on the site, wear safety shoes, protective goggles if necessary, as well as a helmet and gloves. In the event of electrical work, never forget to switch off the current at the meter!

In all cases, make sure that the safety instructions are accepted by everyone present on the site.

Works, manage the unexpected

When you start renovation work in a house, you have to expect to encounter unforeseen events. To complete the work within a reasonable time, it is necessary to face the various hazards. To compensate for unpleasant surprises, allocate a special unforeseen sum. Reserve at least 10% of the total amount of the site for this envelope.

In case of difficulty, do not stay alone. Ask for help from other renovators on the Internet (forums, blogs, etc.). If the work drags on, remember to take breaks away from the dust of the construction site.

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To carry out long-term work in a house, it is important to do it with passion. Of course, renovating your house on your own can save you a lot of money, but that shouldn’t be your only motivation.

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